10 random things about moi..

1. I get my jollies from hair removal. In particular plucking Papadada’s rogue eyebrow hairs and consequently exclaiming, “Woah, they are like mega-long mini tree trunks!”

2. I once was ashamed of my french heritage and went on to change my entire family's names to Bob, Mary, Hannah, Sue and Garreth for a primary school family tree project. Sorry fambos.

3. I have a penchant for 'before and after' shows - makeover shows, hoarders shows, and flicks like 'Legally Blonde' where there's an obligatory montage set to upbeat music in which the lead character gets their shiz together. Goosebumps every time and makes me shout under my breath, "I knew you could do it Elle"!

4. I wish the blood coursing through my veins was actually skinny soy lattes.

5. If I could be anything else it would be a back-up dancer for Britney Spears. Stop laughing.

6. I love nutella crepes.

7. My finger nails were painted black the day Papadada proposed to me. My mother was mortified. Oops.

8. I've never seen an episode of 'Lost' or the 'Sopranos'. Deal with it. I prefer quality programming such as 'Kendra' or 'The Real Housewives of NYC'.

9. I played the trumpet and violin for years. I was the scrawniest trumpet player that every walked the face of the earth.

10. I consider myself a speed-reader. You still haven't finished reading this list??

11. I can never limit a list to ten