Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Fever!

Top of the morning to you!

I’m back, I’m back! Can’t believe I’ve abandoned you all for close to 1 month. My worst effort yet, I must say.

This is just a short post, as I’m too afraid I’ll give my fingers keyboard culture shock...

Guys, the wedding of the century is on tonight!! WOOHOO!!

Is it wrong to kinda wanna be sandwiched between the two of them?

Seriously, I didn’t think I’d get into it at all, but the media frenzy has well and truly sucked me right in. And look, I’ve always been a fool for romance and pre-wedding jitters. What’s not to love! I’m all over these nuptials like a fat kid on a cupcake!

And I’m loving how excited everyone is getting! I heard that a friend of a friend is throwing a ‘royal wedding party’ at her place, and everyone invited has to wear their veil or tiara from their own wedding. SUPERB! Sign me up!

Others will be glued to the tele, sipping British cocktails such as Pimms and Lemonade and chowing down on scones with clotted cream and jam. YESSSSSSS!

As for me? I’ll be at the footy. Yes, the footy. Papadada is playing, so I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Thank God for my iPhone, is all I’m saying. I’ll be downloading up to the minute play-by-plays from Westminster Abbey.

Do any of you have regal plans for this special day?

Cheeeeers m’dears!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Guess hue?

A bit of a teaser for y'all before the weekend. The latest (I mean the first) DIY project I have embarked on.

Re-vamping Sticky Baby's cot.

We bought this grand ol' dame from a pre-loved baby store. Beautiful, top quality timber. Big and roomy for our boy. I had visions of painting it the minute I laid eyes on it.

This is her before:

Man, who knew I would ever sand anything...but I did! Tedious and laborious, yes, but I got a good tan in the process. Always the multi-tasker...

Now I know you're gagging for a good after-shot, and even though she's finished and GORGEOUS, I don't want to post a piccie until Sticky Baby's entire room is ready to be paparazzi-snapped. 

So instead, here is a sneak peak at the colours I picked. Don't be alarmed...I know they're out there...

Trimmountain green and Lemon leaf yellow. I even love the names.

It took me all of 10 minutes to choose these hues. I find that I work best on gut instinct and impulse decisions. The creative juices were perfectly aligned whilst at the paint shop. Yessssssss.

What do you guys think?!?!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

How to eat jelly beans according to Sticky Baby

Step 1: Act like you have a splinter in your right foot.

Step 2: Scream bloody murder, forcing your mother to run to the pharmacy like a deranged banshee on amphetamines, to buy tweezers, Betadine and.....Jelly beans (cha-ching! that's what I'm talkin' about. I've got the old girl hook, line and sinker!)

Step 3: Get both parents to check, re-check, and triple check allegedly affected foot.

Step 4: Continue to scream bloody murder until your mother pulls out the jelly bean bribes from her purse. (come to papa!) 

Step 5: Sit on the kitchen sink, shirtless, for added dramatic effect.

Step 6: Put 3 jelly beans in your mouth at once.

Step 7: Suck the sugary, coloured goodness off each bean. Excessive drool is a bonus. Again, for effect.

Step 8: Spit out the faded beans in your mother's hand. They're no good to you now. You're all about the food colouring and it's nutritional qualities.

Step 9: Make your mother take a photograph of the sticky, colourless jelly beans littering her paw, as she shakes her head in disbelief....

Step 10:  Jump off the kitchen sink, land on both feet, and run like an agile lemur around the backyard 3 times. Just to rub it in. Splinter? What splinter?


Monday, April 4, 2011

I've never been so happy to see a fridge in my life...

Yeah, I know, such a lamo statement. But jay-zus, it's true!

This weekend was truly momentous. We finally moved into our new home!!!!

4 long months in the making, living out of suitcases, duffel bags, backpacks and Woolworths green bags, like crazy travelling gypsies, crashing at family members' houses, impinging on their lives, leaving behind us a trail of nappy wipes, footy boots and OPI nail polish ( seriously, I love that stuff).


With every box that was unpacked, I felt a weight being lifted from my shoulders. Therapeutic. Joygasmic. That big-ass Samsonite suitcase? I kicked it's ass at approximately 4pm on Sunday. Gonzo. Ciao, Ciao, see ya later.

Papadada and I were blessed to have an elite team of movers on hand to help. My parents, my sister and her hubster, my grand parents, and my in-laws. All had different duties, ranging from heavy lifting to Sticky Baby wrangling.

My mother truly missed her calling in life and should be named Australia's leading Professional Organiser. The woman is a machine. With every movement, with every swift Stanley-knife manoeuvre, with every flourish of her Spray & Wipe bottle, my life felt a little more settled, a little more....exhale. Thank you mum. Our closets never looked so Martha Stewart-esque. Our kitchen looks like something out of a glossy magazine.

Friday night, we kicked off the working bee with a paint-off in Sticky Baby's future bedroom. The previous owners had it painted a vibrant fuchsia pink. Yeah...not gonna work....So, the sis, the bro-in-law, Papadada and I put paint brush to paint pot and did an award-winning paint job. Looks killer. But this is what it looked life before..

My brother in law demonstrating that men, no matter how seemingly mature, 
will ALWAYS find drawing boobies hilarious.

I know you're going to hate me for not posting an 'after photo', but I promise, it's on it's way!

And can I just say that this whole moving in experience was also like a giant shopping spree bonanza. You see, after we were married, we had to box all of our beautiful gifts and put them in storage, seeing we were still living in France and had no desire to spend a year's wages on international shipping. So the better part of Saturday morning was spent squealing with rapture as I peeled away delicate tissue paper to reveal the most exquisite Villeroy and Boch platters and dishes. Uh-huh. I know. Not only that, but towel after towel of gorgeous Sheridan goodness, sheet sets with enough thread count to make the Egyptians cringe, and glass wear that made Sticky Baby run for the hills when he saw the look of 'you better never touch these' on my face. Designer toasters and Jamie Oliver crock pots amid french silver ware and Tupperware. Yep, oodles and oodles of good stuff for the casa. JOY!

Please forgive me for being a little MIA on the ol' blog lately. Again. But now you know why. And I promise there will be pictorials to make you go ooh and aah as soon as we have Internet hooked up in the new digs.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to roll around in discarded bubble wrap and collapsed cardboard moving boxes. Yeeeeeeeewwwww!