Thursday, October 28, 2010



Gasp! Shocking! Egad! (for the love of Giuliana & Bill, who says "Egad" anymore...I do)

Yes, dear readers, I am going to be out of blogging action for the next fortnight, until we return to Frog-Land (France).

Papadada, Sticky Baby and I will be spending these last two weeks in Oz with my parents, who strategically do not have a computer in their home. They figure they spend enough time in front of a monitor during work hours, so they have banned anything with a keyboard within a 50 metre radius of the house. I love it, I respect it, I worship their hard-core computer-hating ethos. However, this does spell the DEATH of my regular blogging.

So, I am going to put out a 'patience vibe' to the universe, and I hope you will all latch on tightly. Be patient, my pretties, I will be back shortly with more random baby stories and thoughts on reality tv shows (speaking of which, I have developed a rather debilitating obsession with Giuliana and Bob Rancic and their kick-ass tv program. I have missed a gut-wrenching amount of eps BUT I plan to do a youtube marathon catch-up quick smart! Damn it! No computer at my parents house! GAAHHH!)

I love these guys. It's a fact.

Happy Halloween to my readers in the States, Happy Melbourne Cup Day to my readers here in Australia and I'll see you all soon in the sticky blogosphere!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Prince Pepper Pot

Sticky Baby may very well have a new name. Pepper pot. This is how our naturopath, Paul, chose to describe him.

I love it.

News from the magnesium-deficiency front, for those of you who have been following the saga. Magnesium supplements are our new best friends. Sticky Baby is on a high dose for now, 6 tablets a day, although the iridologist confirms that until he stops growing (um, excuse me, have you seen the father? This child will NEVER stop growing!) he will more than likely need at least 3-4 tablets a day. We have a little magnesium-junky on our hands. So be it.

The change we have seen in our little boy is quite amazing. There are many times a day where Papadada and I look at one another in sheer amazement. Examples you ask? Pepper pot never, and I mean NEVER, would sit on our laps for a cuddle. Too much energy. Cuddles are for sissies. No time, no time, must continue to romp and crawl and have mini-baby-brain-explosions from too much energy. Now? He cuddles like a pro. Sits, relaxes, even savours the cuddling. BM (before magnesium)? He HATED the car. As much as Kris Jenner hates Scott Dissick. AM (after magnesium)? He will quite easily endure a 1hr car ride. MIRACLE! It's a miracle people! The lion is now a lamb (ok, a very energetic, crazy-ass lamb...but a lamb nonetheless!). Is there a dietary supplement saint I can sing my praises to? 'Cause Hallelujahs are coming your way sister!

For those of you out there with children, I would HIGHLY recommend you visit a naturopath or iridologist if you feel your child has ADD-type symptoms. Restlessness, irritability, highly strung, you get my drift. Magnesium deficiencies are quite common in kids and it would be a crying shame to medicate our little people with hard drugs if they can just as easily be healed with simple supplements. Worth a try at the very least, don't you think? Amen. And for that matter, we've had such a positive experience with our naturopath that I would be inclined to pay him a visit for any other 'ailments' that may come our way in the future. A good mix of traditional medicine and alternative therapies seems to be a sensible option, for our family at least.

Magnesium or no magnesium, our little Sticky Baby will always be a little pepper pot. Hot to trot, full of fire, and seasoning our lives every single day. Love you baby!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

C'mon, get mouse-happy!

Dear readers,

It's that time again, where the votes are re-set for the TOP MOMMY BLOGS directory.

Click here if you lurve you some stickiness!

And now, a message from Sticky Baby himself.... (Excuse the gratuitous nudity. He's an exhibitionist like that.)

Monday, October 18, 2010

On your Christening day....

Yesterday, on the 17th October, 2010, we celebrated your baptism. Your Godparents, Belinda and Chris, stood proudly by our sides. Surrounded by family and friends, dressed in a smart white shirt and beige bermuda shorts, we poured water over your small head and lit candles in your honour. You were a star. You laughed and tottered around, gave yourself a round of applause and even threw your best pal, Blue Rabbit, into the baptismal waters. He goes everywhere you go. And if you were getting baptised, so was he!

In true aussie style, we indulged in a sausage sizzle afterwards, cracked open some beers and soaked in the warm midday sun. What a day. You were the consummate host, mingling like a pro, and sharing smiles with each of your guests. We are so proud of you.

Mum and Dad

Friday, October 15, 2010

Splish Splash

I think this has to be one of my favourite photos. One that I will look back on in years to come and recall with clarity the emotions and details of that exact moment. Although I'm a bit fuzzy in it, I think it captures the elation and excitement on both of our faces. Such a fun day at the local water play park. Me and my boy.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Celebrating a year of Stickiness...

Sticky Baby turned ONE on the 15th September. Hip hip hooray!

The day itself was a catastrophe. Sticky Baby awoke so snotty and green he could have featured in an episode of The X Files. By 9am we were at the medical centre signing up for a round of penicillin and a trolley full of paracetamol. The birthday boy spent his big day in pyjamas, in bed, and in the bath, in an attempt to steam out all the mucus. Sticky Baby's Pop came home that evening with a beautiful birthday cake for his grandson. The Stickster, in an act of rebellion against the birthday bacteria that swarmed his small body, plunged his hand deep into the cake....paused....looked around at our expectant faces.,...and then burst into tears. Wailed. Bellowed. Sobbed. My father-in-law summed it up beautifully when he said,  "Well, that turned to shit, didn't it".

This was the photo taken right before the cake debacle. Look at that face...MISERY. He was in bed less than 5 minutes later. Happy Crappy Birthday, dear Sticky Baby. Crappy Birthday.

Post-birthday failure, Papadada and I agreed to recreate Sticky Baby's celebration once the virus had been well and truly banished. "We'll pretend that day never happened" is precisely what we said to one another. This coincided perfectly with the arrival of my sister and her family from down south, a week later. We planned a big family birthday bash and thankfully it turned out beautifully! No snot for miles and a big smile on our 1 year old's face. Cousins, balloons, cake, pressies and party hats. So much fun.

With Papy Jacques

Blowing up rabbit balloons with Mamie Nic

1."It's my birthday and you're giving me apple puree? Tell me you're joking, mum"

2. Behold the birthday cake creation! In homage to beloved Blue Rabbit, Sticky Baby's conforter. Sweet Success.

3. Cutting the cake with Papadada. Great grandpa, Uncle Gray and cousin Jude in the background.

4. Sinking those 8 teeth into the yummy blue icing.

Another milestone in the bag. A birthday-cake-making feather in my mama hat. A baby no more. A toddler in our midst. Another year of joy ahead. Love, teething gel, early mornings, pumpkin puree on the tiles, tantrums, kisses, and more Love.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Can blood turn brown from too much coffee?

We haven't slept very much in the past few days. Sticky Baby is at war with his gums (what's new) and has decided to revert to newborn status and wake three times a night. And as much as I love the Australian weather and fauna, the birds and sunlight can crawl back from the hole they came from, because they're waking our kid up at 5am. And from the moment he wakes, he is about as pleasant as a visit to the gynecologist. Is it possible for the stork who delivered us this baby to fly back and pick him up for, say, a week or so? Come back, you long-beaked, sheet-bundle carrying bird! Come baaaaaackkkk!

My eyes are bugging out of my head and I can't quite string words together too good (see?) so I've decided to post pictures for now. Until my vocabulary gets gooder and I no longer require a caffeine IV. So here they are. More piccies of Adolph Fang Hitler Sticky Baby.

You gotta love a curly mohawk....

Monday, October 11, 2010

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sticky Piccie - High chair gangsta

"Yo, Yo, I'm all up in these sultanas, dawg. Check it."

"This is how I roll at the mall. The left arm over the back of the high chair spells c-o-o-l.
Peace out mofos"

Friday, October 8, 2010

Holy cats! It's been an OBSCENE amount of time since my last post. I've lost all my readership, haven't I? Crap.

This holiday stuff spells bad news for my blog. It's so hard to find the time, between visiting friends and family, to actually sit down and type. Needless to say, I've got loads of stories up my apple-sauce stained sleeves for you all. And I will find a moment, pronto, I promise.

In the meantime, don't give up on us, I beg you!

Sticky Baby is doing brilliantly. He is walking a little more each day. 20 steps is his personal best thus far. He is saying 'Bye Bye', kissing and cuddling more than ever and generally lapping up the attention from his grandparents.

His christening is next Sunday. Outift? GORGEOUS! Photos to come.

Papadada and I are yet to have a romantic getaway, just the two of us. We were meant to have a night away tonight, but Sticky Baby has decided to push a molar through his gums and produce a high temp. Great timing kiddo. Thanks for that....

Magnesium update? MAGIC! Different child. Still crazy and hilarious and go go go but now he actually takes the time to just sit on our laps and snuggle. So beautiful. We are loving it. He is much calmer and more even tempered. His hatred for car trips is dissipating. He will now happily sit in his car seat for a whole hour. Like I said, different child. We are simply amazed at the transformation and quietly heralding our natural therapist. GO TEAM MAGNESIUM!!!

Lots more to come, I promise!