Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Can blood turn brown from too much coffee?

We haven't slept very much in the past few days. Sticky Baby is at war with his gums (what's new) and has decided to revert to newborn status and wake three times a night. And as much as I love the Australian weather and fauna, the birds and sunlight can crawl back from the hole they came from, because they're waking our kid up at 5am. And from the moment he wakes, he is about as pleasant as a visit to the gynecologist. Is it possible for the stork who delivered us this baby to fly back and pick him up for, say, a week or so? Come back, you long-beaked, sheet-bundle carrying bird! Come baaaaaackkkk!

My eyes are bugging out of my head and I can't quite string words together too good (see?) so I've decided to post pictures for now. Until my vocabulary gets gooder and I no longer require a caffeine IV. So here they are. More piccies of Adolph Fang Hitler Sticky Baby.

You gotta love a curly mohawk....


Mrs G said...

welcome back Mama L! sorry to hear about sticky baby's gums...! give him a cuddle from me x

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