Thursday, December 30, 2010


So there's been a lot of photo posts on Sticky Baby of late. I'm sure you've noticed. In fact, you've no doubt dissed me in mumbled tones under your breath, "Lazy mole, if I see one more photo of her baby or her random shoes...". I forgive you. You're welcome. No but really, 'tis the season to be snap happy and we all know the old adage, 'A picture of Sticky Baby speaks a thousand words'. Sometimes it's just easier to communicate through jpgs, you know?

And the other thing is that there is SO MUCH going on right now, that I hardly know how to begin stringing together the vowels and consonants to explain JUST HOW MUCH is going on right now. Bullet points always come in handy (a throw-back to my old university days), so here goes:
  • Settling in to a new city/country/continent
  • Living with the in-laws and sharing a home with 4 adults and 1 toddler
  • The impending move back to our own house, early Jan
  • The impending renovations on our house, also early Jan
  • Buying EVERYTHING on God's green earth for said house
See what I mean?

Surprisingly all of the above are all very positive and exciting things. We are beyond loving being back in Australia and you would be hard pressed to find Papadada or I without a goofy perma-smile on our faces. Sticky Baby has become a regular at the local swimming pool, rocking his polka-dot swimmer nappies and learning how to duck dive from Pop. Gorge. My mother-in-law is serving up restaurant-quality meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner and making me bottomless cups of tea daily. Total score. I have spent a ludicrous amount of hours on Martha Stewart's home page, hunting and gathering decorating ideas and tips for our new house. Even Papadada has been caught flipping through this month's giant edition of Kitchen and Bathrooms. Gotta love a man who knows his counter tops from his splash backs.

So prepare yourselves for an onslaught of 'What do you think of this door handle/light fixture/tile/bed spread' type posts. Feedback is welcome. In fact, it's mandatory.

I am totally stalking her. She makes my hairs stand on end, but I can't keep myself from coming back for more of her beyond-OCD organizing tips. Ob-sessed.

As an aside, what is everyone doing for NYE? And what sort of NY's resolutions are we making for 2011?

Dropping the 'F' bomb





Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Heaven in a box

Do you die?

My Christmas pressie from my wonderful parents in-law. I am still wiping the drool from my chin, over 72 hours after unwrapping these podiatric delights. I literally died with a leg in the air when I first laid eyes on these little beauties, several weeks ago, trawling the boutiques with Ann, my MIL. Little did I know, she would later treck all the way back to that divine little shoe shop and BUY THEM FOR ME! Every daughter-in-law deserves a pair of hot salmon-hued leather and organza flower sandals, right? But seriously....I am so very, very lucky. VERY lucky.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

I love photo editing

.....The "He's going to kill me" edition....

Sticky Piccie

Friday, December 24, 2010

Eat, Drink and be Merry

To all my readers and Sticky Baby fans,

Wishing you all a truly happy and festive Christmas amongst loved ones. This Christmas is extra special for Papadada, the Stickster and I - our first Chrissie back in Australia in 3 years! Oh, to be with family! Tonight, a traditional french Christmas Eve feast with 17 family members and far too much red wine. Tomorrow morning, traditional Aussie Christmas breakfast with the in laws and neighbours, followed by lunch, followed by food-comas all around.

I have been wrapping presents since early this morning, my hands are covered in paper cuts and there may be some sticky tape still in my hair. Classy.

I have a couple of lovely wardrobe changes in mind for the coming days. A sweet white cocktail dress paired with silver sandals for tonight's event and a summery salmon day dress with cute pleating detail around the neckline for the 25th. I'm feeling good about these choices. Fingers crossed I don't spill any red wine tonight. It's totes going to happen, I already know it.

Sticky Baby will be rocking an 'I LOVE SANTA' stripey onesie, accessorising with white cardboard angel wings. Photos to come. And the gorgeous one (Papadada) will be looking fiiiiinnnne in whatever he chooses to don for the occasion.

Love, light and joy to all of you.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Small Human in Training

Guess who's wearing training pants?

Yes folks, we're travelling into uncharted waters and going nappy free! My baby is a brainiac and is completely potty-trained at 15 months old. He is the bees knees, the kitty-cats pyjamas, and a genius when it comes to managing number 1s and number 2s.


Look, the reality is that Sticky Baby is still poo-pooing and weeing to his hearts content and doesn't seem at all phased by carrying around a brown turtle-head in his nappy (tmi. gross). In saying that, Papadada and I have noticed of late that whenever he does a poo he clutches at his crotch and makes some sort of random baby sound. We're taking this as a sign that he's aware of what he's doing. So why not run with the wind and  begin toilet training now?

His newly found excrement awareness, combined with the stifling Australian summer compelled me to buy him some awfully cute terry-towelling training pants. For now, he's rocking the big-boy pants only in the mornings, while we're still at home. Gives his man-parts some much needed breathing space.

There's been a few 'accidents' of course, but a little baby wee on the tiles never hurt anybody. The terry-towelling does an amazing job of absorbing a fair bit of it, and the colour change on the fabric let's me know what's happened, which is when I lead the Stickster to the bathroom and do a big song and dance. Fun for everyone, including the neighbours.

I get the feeling that Sticky Baby is feeling a little alarmed at the 'nakedness' of the whole thing. Hence, strategic panda bear placement....

Perhaps it's way too soon, perhaps I'll be poop-scooping for weeks, months, years to come. But there's no harm in trying, right?

Monday, December 20, 2010

Ho! Ho! No!

The much anticipated 'First Mall Photo With Santa Claus'. Much anticipated by me, that is. Sticky Baby?Kinda had to lure him with a string cheese stick. But what's new there. I lure him to many places with cheese. We got there bright and early and were the first eager beavers in line for some Santa goodness.

Result? There were no blood-curdling screams, no ripping off of Old Saint Nick's beard, but no massive smiles either. Sticky Baby was all, 'What evs, mum'. 'When do I get more cheese'.

Totally not having a bar of the big dude in red. Virtually just a photo of Santa and I. And why oh why did I not dress appropriately nor do hair or makeup?? FAIL

"I want to go to there". Not here with the bearded weirdo. There.

And now for the finished, paid for (daylight robbery) product......

Santa looks about as thrilled as Sticky Baby. And yes, that is a zit on Sticky Baby's cheek.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Storm chaser

The perfect re-introduction to dark, brooding Queensland summer storms....

Hot, humid, singlets and shorts, cold drinks and flip flops...Christmas in Australia....I LOVE!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Au Revoir, France

There is a magical place by the sea, about a half hour drive from our home in France. It is called Collioure. Visited by some of the world's most renowned artists, both it's scenery and spirit are breath-taking. Papadada and I always swore that before leaving France for good, we would take some family photos in this glorious little nook of the world. Our wardrobe isn't overly 'family portrait' worthy, but the memories certainly are. Enjoy.

We will miss you for so many reasons. We made you our home away from home, cultivated our love for one another other, the Pyrenees and vineyards as our backdrop, and bore a son who will carry his French nationality with pride. We savoured your food, absorbed your rich culture, learnt your language, took on your traditions - many of which have travelled back to Australia with us. Baguettes, red wine, and warm nutella crepes will forever be served at our family table. Thank you for three wonderful, life-changing years.

Merci et Au revoir xoxo

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dubai in megapixels

At the Dubai Mall Aquarium. Sticky Baby + cold, slimy critters with gills = love

Ummmm...3 arabian men besotted by our child. Their wives were also taking pictures.

The incredible Dubai fountain. Similar to the one in Vegas. Set to a Celine Dion soundtrack, what's not to love?

Shop name summing up our sentiments, exactly.

There were invisible tootpicks holding up our eyelids. The fatigue well and truly had a hold on us at this point in our 300 days of travelling....gawd..

Thursday, December 9, 2010


We're home.

At last.

Home Sweet Home.

Will type more when I feel human again.

Ni' night. (It's 10:30am....oh well....)

Monday, December 6, 2010

By George!

I think I’ve found the ultimate fat-busting, cellulite-banishing remedy!

Ready for it?

Enter Dubai Mall, (largest mall in the entire universe) and get lost for 3 hours! All while pushing a pram with a 12kg sleeping baby-log and a 6-pack of Evian. Whew!

Ok, so the ‘getting lost’ bit is totally subjective. It is a pleasant disorientation, at the very least. For once, Sticky Baby actually slept his entire 2-hour nap in his buggy, giving Papadada and I an unprecedented leisurely shopping time-slot. Ahh, the joys of wandering in and out of shop after shop after shop after shop. Flagship Manolo Blanik store anyone? Don’t mind if I do! (window shopping, of, hiss). Papadada ummed and aahed over Carrera sunglasses as I ducked in and out of an obscene amount of retailers. Result? Nada! Zilch! Super-fun, nonetheless.

Still loving Dubai. Still hoping to cross paths with a camel, a sheikh prince, or Sarah Jessica Parker on a re-shoot of SATC2.

Speaking of which, I am doing my utmost to channel the fashion of the Sex & The City gals in their latest flick. Harem pants, full-length play suits with colourful wraps, chic sandals. I die.

Heading to the hotel pool for an afternoon swim with my very own Mr Big (and my Mr Small too).

وداعا! Salam! (I think that’s goodbye in Arabic)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dreamy Dubai

Wow. Wow. And more wows.

Dubai is NUTS!

Will keep this one short seeing we are paying 20Euros for hotel internet connection. YEOUCH!

We left France on Friday morning. Au revoir! Touched down in Dubai yesterday. Here for 2 nights, 3 days in an attempt to break up the long flight back to Australia.

Happy to report that Sticky Baby did reasonable well on the Paris-Dubai leg. Papadada and I each have 5 to 10 new grey hairs, as opposed to the fistful we developed the last time we flew....

Dubai is jaw-droppingly opulent. We have never seen as many luxury 4WD vehicles, period. And the newly opened Dubai Mall? RIDONCULOUS! An aquarium and underwater zoo in a shopping complex? Sticky Baby was truly impressed. He pashed every single glass enclosure, trying to get a closer look at the stingrays and colourful nemo fish. And then he nearly poked a penguin in the eye (ok, so this happened while I was longingly looking across at the enormous ZARA shop. Oops. But, can you blame a girl? My apologies, dear penguin).

Today, we are heading out to the world famous Atlantis, The Palm resort. Apparently it’s a must-see.

More details to come....