Monday, December 20, 2010

Ho! Ho! No!

The much anticipated 'First Mall Photo With Santa Claus'. Much anticipated by me, that is. Sticky Baby?Kinda had to lure him with a string cheese stick. But what's new there. I lure him to many places with cheese. We got there bright and early and were the first eager beavers in line for some Santa goodness.

Result? There were no blood-curdling screams, no ripping off of Old Saint Nick's beard, but no massive smiles either. Sticky Baby was all, 'What evs, mum'. 'When do I get more cheese'.

Totally not having a bar of the big dude in red. Virtually just a photo of Santa and I. And why oh why did I not dress appropriately nor do hair or makeup?? FAIL

"I want to go to there". Not here with the bearded weirdo. There.

And now for the finished, paid for (daylight robbery) product......

Santa looks about as thrilled as Sticky Baby. And yes, that is a zit on Sticky Baby's cheek.


Martin said...

you have made cry of laughter literally! seriously comic genius you are!! haha

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