Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Small Human in Training

Guess who's wearing training pants?

Yes folks, we're travelling into uncharted waters and going nappy free! My baby is a brainiac and is completely potty-trained at 15 months old. He is the bees knees, the kitty-cats pyjamas, and a genius when it comes to managing number 1s and number 2s.


Look, the reality is that Sticky Baby is still poo-pooing and weeing to his hearts content and doesn't seem at all phased by carrying around a brown turtle-head in his nappy (tmi. gross). In saying that, Papadada and I have noticed of late that whenever he does a poo he clutches at his crotch and makes some sort of random baby sound. We're taking this as a sign that he's aware of what he's doing. So why not run with the wind and  begin toilet training now?

His newly found excrement awareness, combined with the stifling Australian summer compelled me to buy him some awfully cute terry-towelling training pants. For now, he's rocking the big-boy pants only in the mornings, while we're still at home. Gives his man-parts some much needed breathing space.

There's been a few 'accidents' of course, but a little baby wee on the tiles never hurt anybody. The terry-towelling does an amazing job of absorbing a fair bit of it, and the colour change on the fabric let's me know what's happened, which is when I lead the Stickster to the bathroom and do a big song and dance. Fun for everyone, including the neighbours.

I get the feeling that Sticky Baby is feeling a little alarmed at the 'nakedness' of the whole thing. Hence, strategic panda bear placement....

Perhaps it's way too soon, perhaps I'll be poop-scooping for weeks, months, years to come. But there's no harm in trying, right?


Natalie said...

I was about to be seriously impressed. But really I am impressed you have already started potty training. That face is going to break many a hearts hidden turtle head or not! I guess I need to start gearing up for big boy potty time. Btw I heard if you put fruit loops in the tiolet and tell them to aim for it, it helps from getting pee everywhere:)

Brooke Hall said...

you are brave!!!!! i want to hear how this goes....does this mean you are ready for #2 because you want #1 potty trained before? sounds good to me - one kid in diapers is the way to go!
ps- loved teresa's pictures!!

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