Friday, December 24, 2010

Eat, Drink and be Merry

To all my readers and Sticky Baby fans,

Wishing you all a truly happy and festive Christmas amongst loved ones. This Christmas is extra special for Papadada, the Stickster and I - our first Chrissie back in Australia in 3 years! Oh, to be with family! Tonight, a traditional french Christmas Eve feast with 17 family members and far too much red wine. Tomorrow morning, traditional Aussie Christmas breakfast with the in laws and neighbours, followed by lunch, followed by food-comas all around.

I have been wrapping presents since early this morning, my hands are covered in paper cuts and there may be some sticky tape still in my hair. Classy.

I have a couple of lovely wardrobe changes in mind for the coming days. A sweet white cocktail dress paired with silver sandals for tonight's event and a summery salmon day dress with cute pleating detail around the neckline for the 25th. I'm feeling good about these choices. Fingers crossed I don't spill any red wine tonight. It's totes going to happen, I already know it.

Sticky Baby will be rocking an 'I LOVE SANTA' stripey onesie, accessorising with white cardboard angel wings. Photos to come. And the gorgeous one (Papadada) will be looking fiiiiinnnne in whatever he chooses to don for the occasion.

Love, light and joy to all of you.



Natalie said...

Merry Christmas to you and your sweet family! It never fails when I wear something white or silk I spill food or red white. Wishing you better luck than I have. Enjoy the time with your family! xoxo

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