Magic Milestones

Brought you Home:  Sunday,19th September, 2009

Met grandparents for the first time: Granski&Pop - Mon, 28th Sep, 2009
Mamy Nic&Papy Jacques - Sun, 20th Dec, 2009

First smile: Nearly 3 months? We were too besotted to take note!

First laugh: 5 months. First BIG belly laugh, in Byron Bay
with cousin Gisele, Tuesday 9th March, 2010

First tooth: 4 months - both lower, middle teeth.
Lots of drooling, lots of irritability! 2 front teeth, looking like the little rabbit that you are: May 8th, 2010

Slept through the night:  3 months old. YAHOO!

Started solids:  3 months, 3 wks old. Hungry boy! You were drinking nearly
4x240ml bottles a day! Time to move to real food.

First time at daycare: With Nanny Barbara, Thurs, 29th April, 2010. You will be going once a week.

Said 'mama' or 'dada': 7 months - "dadadadada"; 7 months 3 wks - "mum"
(but not really knowing what you were saying!); 8 months 2 wks - ‘mumumum’ all the time now!

First time rolling over: 5 months onto back; 6 months from back to front.

First time sitting up unsupported:  7 months. A whole new world!

First time 'scooting' (sliding like a snake): Thursday, 29th April, 2010

First vacation: Oct, 2010, to Normandy and the Loire Valley.
You were only 6 weeks old!

First plane trip: All the way to Oz to visit family and friends
Feb-March, 2010

First hug: To mum, Thurs, 29th April, 2010. Memorable:)

First kiss: More like an open-mouthed bite/pash - 9 months. You only kiss your red bouncy horse though. 

First time crawling: Backwards - Sunday, 23rd May. Forward (!!)  - Sunday, 30th, 2010 May (french mothers’ day)

First time standing up: You started pulling yourself up on everything at 9 months of age.

First wave goodbye: Tuesday, 29th June, 2010 On command (to daddy before heading up for nap): Monday, 9th August, 2010 (nearly 11 months old)

Standing up by yourself, unsupported:  Tuesday, 5th August, 2010 (10.5 months old)
First steps:
Tuesday, 21st September, 2010 at Granski and Pop's house!! 5 steps in a row!!
(12 months and 1 week old)

First words: “Bye Bye” - 4th September, 2010 (11.5 months old)

First haircut: