Friday, April 30, 2010

Word Weirdness

A conversation had yesterday, on purchasing a summer cotton blanket to replace our swelter-fest of a doona:

Mama L:  "I bought it in a nice orange colour instead of beige, because I know you don't like beige"

Papadada:  "I don't mind the colour, I just don't like the word beige"


Mind you, there are many other words Papadada chooses to dislike...

Prunes: he makes me say dried plums

Eulogy: Not because it suggests a very tragic event, but rather he can't stand the way it sounds.

What am I to do with a man like this?

A friendly warning to Sticky Baby:  Don't you go all weird on me, like your father,  and decide you don't like the sound of the word 'rusk' or 'bath'. I will not be manipulated into saying 'hard teething biscuit' or 'water cleansing time'! Not now, not ever! Amen.

Sticky Piccie - Tie-dyed Fashionisto

So confident in his sexuality, Sticky Baby rocks the pink and purple Tie-dyed look. The most awesome hand-me-downs ever!

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Today Sticky Baby and I embarked on a new chapter of our mama-bubba life together. He spent the day with a nanny....

The facts are as follows:
  • Sticky Baby and I have not spent more than 4 hours apart since the day he was conceived
  • Aside from his father and I, Sticky Baby doesn't really spend much time with anyone else. No grandparents, aunties, uncles, cousins to hang out with.
  • He is forming habits FAST and getting less and less 'adaptable' with each new quirk he cultivates. The way he naps, the way he drinks his bottle, the way he sits in his high chair - this child LOVES a routine, which is wonderful in so many ways, but I fear that in the long-run he may struggle with change if we don't slowly and gently introduce him to new people, new situations. 
The infamous Separation Anxiety that you hear about has definitely begun rearing its ugly head in the past 10 days. Both for Sticky Baby AND I. When I leave his side, he begins whimpering, clinging to my leg like a jelly fish in North Queensland. I was told that at around 6 months of age, babies begin to realise that they are separate beings to their mothers. Isn't that cute? They actually think we are 1 person until now. Bless them! 

There have not been any major meltdowns as yet. I'm hoping to detour that destination all together. We've always insisted on Sticky Baby having 'alone play time' at least a couple of times a day - in his play pen, on the rug, in his baby car. But I want to continue encouraging his independence and personal growth, and the fact that we live such an insular life means that little Sticky Baby doesn't often get the opportunity to mix with new people and adapt to new situations. We get out a lot together - community mum groups where he can play with other children, visits to friends' houses, etc. But aside from that, he and I are never apart.

Some of you may say, "That's the way it should be!" And I agree. But we must also consider my mental health here! And Lord knows I could do with some 'alone play time' of my own! I am a firm believer that a balanced mum makes for a better mum, and it's fair to say that I need to rediscover some equilibrium to rest, recoup and refresh to be the best mother I can be.

I dropped him off this morning just after 8am. Nanny B and I had agreed that it would be a good idea for her to give him his breakfast, so they could bond over a meal and get further acquainted. We had already done a trial run last week. 1hr spent together, the 3 of us, with me slipping out the door at one point to leave bubba and nanny alone for 45mins. He did great. Big tick.

I was teary last night packing his bag. Emotional as I prepared his little lunch box. Oh God!

So here I am, my first day baby free in nearly 8 months. I hardly know what to do with myself. I've had 2 showers thus far - not sure why. But the appeal of having a long, uninterrupted, un-rushed shower was just too much to resist. So, 2 showers, a jog this morning which was heaven, a lovely hand-in-hand walk to the markets for lunch with my husband, a nanna-nap on the couch, an episode of 'Real Housewives of NYC', coffee with girlfriend, and now some blogging action!

I have thought about my little boy nearly every minute. And I've wanted to call the nanny every hour. I've cried watching some show about the birth of sextuplets. Random. I've walked the tight-rope between extreme elation at having a day off and extreme anxiety at being separated from my baby. I know he's going to be fine. In fact, he'll probably make me proud by playing nicely in the sandbox with the other babies.

The set-up is ideal. I couldn't have hoped for better. Nanny B, a young part-time nurse, is the daughter of a very reputable family day-care provider here in our village. Unfortunately, this lady was above quota and couldn't add Sticky Baby to her kiddie clan. I had been drawn to her immediately when I discovered that she performed puppet shows for the children in her care, took them to the library to read books, as well as daily excursions to the park and tours of her back-yard fruit and vegie patch and mini-zoo (hens, geese, rabbits). There are 3 other children in her care, all around Sticky Baby's age. So this lady couldn't take our little boy on, but her daughter, Nanny B, who lives up the road from her, was happy to adopt Sticky Baby once a week for us. He eats and sleeps in the peace and quiet of Nanny B's sunny, lovely loft apartment but also spends part of the day at Nanny B's mother's house, benefiting from the company of his peers and participating in all of the activities. Such a perfect scenario.

(I got these pics from the lady's website. Photo of Nanny B and Sticky Baby coming soon! But for now...1) At the library  2) Geese in the b'yard  3) Eggs collected and presented to parents. So sweet. And the 1st photo in the post is from this morning, Sticky Baby and I on his first day of 'school')

I picked him up at 4:30 this afternoon, nearly an hour earlier than we had agreed on. Silly, I know, but I just couldn't wait! I am bowled over by the result of this big, first day. Bubba ate all his meals, drank all his bottles, and slept like a trooper! He played with a little girl his age, went on a pram promenade, and simply put, had a ripper of a day! RELIEF!

And the cherry on the cake after this emotional milestone...The sweetest cherry I have ever little boy gave me his first REAL hug this afternoon, once we got home. Two little cherubic arms, tightly locked around my neck. Not only that, but his angelic little head, nuzzling my neck for a solid minute. A REAL hug, I tell you!

Papadada and I are bursting with pride and so pleased with our decision to welcome lovely Nanny B into our little tribe, once a week, to nurture our little emperor and show him a different side of life. A golden opportunity for me to relax and rediscover 'me', and a safe and warm weekly adventure for our growing boy.



Guess who I just saw walking along the beach-front in our village?

Sally from Home&Away! Yes! Kate Richie, here, in our sleepy little sea-side town. I was tripping out guys!

I was out for a jog with a new friend and that's when she walked past. She smiled at me! Probably because I was talking too loudly in a very Australian accent. I should've said something, but what?! Gaaaahh, I wish I had invited her over for dinner!!!!

Apparently she is dating another aussie who lives here too. I called Papadada right away, as he too is an avid 'Sally' fan. His response: We need to track her down and at least get a photo with her. Subtle. I smell a restraining order...

(For those of you who are not Australian and reading my blog, Kate Richie is a FAMOUS actress in Australia, cast-member of a popular aussie soap. She was on the show for 20 years or something insane like that. An icon of Australian television. Oh my God, I feel famous for even having SEEN her! Yessssss!).

Sticky Piccie - Baby Biceps

Check out those guns! The ladies will be queuing up to cop a feel of those..

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Link of the day

Some definite swear words here, so not for the faint-hearted, but I had to share this. Too funny. Press the link a few times for a different answer each time. Gold.

What The F*#k Should I Make For Dinner?

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Papadada's Pearls of Wisdom

I witnessed the most hilarious display of 'what-not-to-teach-your-kids' today at lunch time.

Now, it goes without saying that Papadada is an incredible father. Endlessly generous with his time, patient, loving, fun, involved in all the dirty work of nappy changing, umbilical cord cleansing, vomit cleaning. But today, his brain farted and he regressed to 19 year old frat-boy status....

Papadada came home from work loaded up to the hilt with hot dog making supplies. 3 bags of buns, 3 slabs of sausages, 4 bags of mini snickers bars. Obviously more than we needed and we DEFINITELY didn't need the chocolate! Saucepan goes on the gas, sausages take a dip, and things get underway rather nicely. (I have to say at this point in the story that I was not having the hot dogs for lunch, but rather a very healthy and nutritious lunch of rock melon and parma ham. But I was secretly dying for one, let's not pretend.)

Sticky Baby was sitting in his high chair, our little kitchen custodian, overseeing all the activity and watching his father attentively.

This is when the bizarro went down.

So, the water in the saucepan is at a nice rolling boil. Papadada turns the heat off and prepares the buns - butter, cheese, sauce - all his 'condiments', as he likes to put it. It's at this point that he turns to Sticky Baby and says, "Check this out, check this out, watch what I'm going to do!", and plunges his fingers into the boiling water to retrieve a sausage. WHAT?!?! Does it 5 times! 5 times people!!!! One time for each sausage.

My maternal instinct was to shield my child's eyes from the spectacle that lay before him. But all I could do was laugh. Yes, I laughed and asked him what the hell he was doing. That's all. I can hear my father-in-law from here saying, "Don't you let him off the hook that easily". Sorry Pop, I totally did. It was just SO ridiculous, that I couldn't quite believe what I was watching. Obviously a male dare/double-dare/triple-dare thing that I never got the memo on.

Thankfully, Sticky Baby didn't really know what was going on. He's still oblivious to most things. Though he won't be fooled for long, so Papadada, please use a fork next time!

                                         Picture 1: Sausage retrieval                          Picture 2: Lunch is served

Kinda Bi-zay, K-Kinda Bi-zay!

The deep, poignant words of Lada Gaga got me thinking about my female friends and fam members who have so much on their plate, yet do it all with grace, enthusiasm and energy. I am inspired.

Miss NYC, a phenomenal advertising professional, has taken on cake decorating as a hobby. Attending classes and everything. Manipulating fondant like a pro. Oh, and in case you didn't catch on, she lives in NYC, and that's a whole lot to deal with in itself!

Beach Beauty works part-time, is a key member of a ga-zillion mothers' club, and runs to a light house and back a couple of times a week. And has 2 delicious kiddies under the age of 3. I think that calls for a Kinda Bi-zay!

Hot mama Z, mother of 3, plays net ball and is a regular gym bunny. Oh, and a wedding planner extraordinaire when any of her pals get married. And her husband's business book keeper. Can someone say K-kinda Bi-zay?

Saucy-Sydneysider is doing her MBA, making her mark in a new workplace, and re-defining the term 'dating' (!!)

Princess Peanut is juggling a new-born bubba and a few days of work per week. And sleep training. Gaaahh!

Lovely LeLu who is finally starting a little baking business that has been long awaited by many of us. My taste buds sprout new taste buds when I eat her baked delicacies.

Mrs Melbourne is a newly-wed, has a dog and cat going through Cesar-Milan boot camp, is a HR power-house, and has recently started yoga with her husband. I don't which is harder - actually doing yoga or convincing one's husband to attend!?!? Kudos!

Sa$$y Lady Lawyer is taking legal mining contracts by the balls, apartment-hunting, has started meditating and is seeing a Sherpa! Not dating a sherpa, just seeing one to cleanse her inner being. Check out her blog Ptit Poisson!

Naughty Nurse is studying a ga-zillion subjects per semester, working in a hospital, is in the local darts league (yes, darts) and doing missionary work in Mexico on her 3.5 days of holiday a year! Sorry I can't take your calls, I'm Kinda Bi-zay! (That's not Naughty Nurse saying that, It's that damn Lady Gaga again!)

The list could go on and on, but the my chest swells with pride when I see what all my lady friends are accomplishing.

......Kinda Bi-zay, K-kinda Bi-ZAY......(Damn you Lady Gaga and your ridiculously addictive songs!)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Sticky Piccie - Bottle Binge

Check out that post-bottle belly. Impressive! And so cute:)

10 Things I Can't Live Without

I think this little 'segment' of my blog may become a regular one. As Sticky Baby changes, so will the contents of the list. Watch this space...

1. Save Our Sleep  by Tizzie Hall

This book, recommended and purchased for me by one of my all-time besties, Hot Mama Z, has been a wealth of information and guidance since the day Sticky Baby popped out of me. I refer to it ALL THE TIME! And yes, it has 'saved our sleep'!

2. Safe T Sleep sleep wrap
I borrowed this genius contraption from my sis, Beach Beauty. God-send for when Sticky Baby started moving around the cot and bumping his wee head....and waking us all up! This keeps him snug as a bug in a velcro rug. Love!

3. Hoppediz Sling

This was my attempt to be an earth mother-type mum. And can I say, it has paid off in spades! Not only do I look very 'bohemian chic' when wearing this, but Sticky Baby loves being in it too and no terrain is out of bounds! Lots of mama-bubba contact:)

4. Brauer's Sleep and Insomnia Relief
Again, Beach Beauty comes to the rescue with this little gem. A fantastic 'sleep spray' that helps me switch off at night. All natural. 4 sprays and I'm well on my way to la-la land. Papadada says that the 'tsch tsch tsch tsch' sound a night drives him bonkers! Suck it up sweetheart!

5. 'Rabbit Boy'

Now, if that video clip didn't just make your day, you need your head examined. This Rabbit rocks our world. Papadada came home with it after work one day. It was then, and still is, the trippiest thing I have ever seen. This crazy character helps us get through 'putting on pjs' time at night. For some mysterious reason, Sticky Baby HATES getting into his pyjamas post-bath. Cry-fest every time. Rapping Rabbit came into our lives and has turned things around. No idea what he actually says in his rap, but his long, flailing ears and crazy-ass moves seem to soothe Sticky Baby every time! Yessssssss!

6. Storksak Nappy Bag

Angelina Jolie's choice, and now mine! Gifted to me by my generous girlfriends here in France, this bag is a style-statement (meaning there are no giant pink and blue bears stamped all over it) and it is ever so practical. Comes with me everywhere I go. And no, that's not me in the photo, it's Ange.

7. Papadada's iphone

No picture or link necessary. The person sitting next to you probably has one stuck to his/her head right now. I'm kind of an anti-fancy-phone person. I've only ever owned 3 in my lifetime and they were the 'free' ones you get with your plan. But this little beauty has revolutionised the way we keep in touch with our loved ones. I know you know how good they are.

8. Filofax mini-Finsbury day planner 

Now the truth of the matter is that I don't have all that much to record in this little guy BUT those of you who know me well are already aware of the fact that I have always had a day planner. ALWAYS. I write shopping lists, to-do lists, pediatrician appointments, play dates, cool songs I need to download pronto, b'days. Everything. It's my conjoined twin, minus the freaky mini-arms and teeth. Oh, now I feel horrible that I wrote that...

9. Baby Sleeping bags

It's what Maggie Simpson gets around in. Sticky Baby has slept in one since day dot. We have a summer-grade one and a winter-grade one. Cosy and avoids bubs kicking their blankets off. Gold.

10. Blue bunny comforter

This woolen wonder was given to us by friends of the family. Hand made, of course, Sticky Baby took to it like a duck to water. They are bed buddies now. The most gorgeous thing is seeing his little eyes light up when I present blue bunny to him for his naps and night-time sleep. There's a lot of spooning going on in that crib. It's a love affair between man and beast. Gorgeous. (Not too sure what Sticky Baby is doing in the laundry basket...)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Word of the day

Behold this awesome new word:


It stands for Man-boobs. Can't claim it as my own genius word-smithing though. Heard it on our new favourite show, Cougar Town.

Makes me giggle. Moobs. hihihihihi....

Saturday, April 24, 2010

A letter for my sweet boy...

My rabbit,

I thought I knew a lot about falling in love when I started living out my fairytale with your dad. That is a big love, right there, and I hope and pray that your little eyes and your little heart will soak it all in. To know that your mama and papa were crazy about each other long before the notion of you became a reality, and to know that now, more than ever, those feelings are multiplied with every eyelash you bat, with every new roll of chub you grow, with every smile you beam. 

There are three of us now. Whoever said 'three's a crowd' has never spent a day with you. Your cheeky, cheeky grin, those wild, caramel curls just above each ear, that crease in your neck that smells like heaven. Your sticky hands, I want to press to my lips all day long. You are hard work, our stubborn little emperor, but we love you just the way you are. You are perfection to us. 

Those times in the day when I sit with you on the rug, legs out-stretched, playing and singing 'row row row your boat'. That giggle and screech combination is worth all the random melt-downs, all the interrupted coffees, all the broken sleep. When I look at you I marvel at the fact that you are half me, half your father. Being your mum is a gift like no other. I am so proud when I take you out. On the back of my bike, you sit so regally, with your oversized froggy helmet. When the three of us go riding, that is my joy. My most prized possessions - my two boys. 

Some days are hard and long. It's the moments that I just wish I could 'switch off' that I remind myself to 'tune in' and that always, always makes for a golden moment with you. My mission is to make your childhood as magical as possible. If that means singing a lot, dancing a great deal and laughing too loudly, than that is what shall happen! You have brought such light to our lives. We are your biggest fans and will always be cheering your name, for a very long time to come.

Love Mum

Word associations....think fast!

Facebook, Fakebook, Crackbook, Bragbook....Call it what you will but I love it! Sure, there are weirdos on there - and Lord knows I have weeded the 'friendship' garden quite a few times - but for Papadada, Sticky Baby and I, it's a wonderful way to keep in touch with friends and folks back home. That and the fact that the 'live chat' function saves me $$$ on my mobile phone bill!

So now I'm going to get to the point of this post. What do you think of when you hear the word 'mornings'?

My answers:
Sticky Baby
Play mat

There, I admit it, I'm one of those mums. Judge away people, judge away. But when you're 22,000kms from the people you love, give me a call then and tell me that a morning fix of 'puter passion' isn't necessary to kick start your day! Now, I'm a big fan of coffee in the mornings, but my relationship with the MacBook keyboard has become almost as elementary as my a.m cup of java. Ok, that sounded way too exotic. Mug of Nescafe instant.

So, yes, for 15-20mins each morning, while Sticky Baby is happily chewing on his favourite jangly kitten ball (yes, I buy him pet toys. They're soft, they make noise, and he likes them), I happily read, send, reply, forward, comment, like, dislike, status update to my heart's content. I love it. I feel connected to my peeps. It's what I think of when someone says 'mornings'.

I hope that my little blog can become part of your morning ritual. That would be fab. Sticky Baby agrees. Kitten ball is jangling.

Friday, April 23, 2010

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much"

Hallelujah Helen Keller! Such a beautiful quote and none the better to describe what I'm going to be feeling for the next four days sans (that's french for without) Papadada.

Now that I've put Sticky Baby to bed (more hallelujahs!), I decide to look up synonyms for 'alone' just to rub salt in my lonely, deserted, forlorn wound. Some of my faves for your reading pleasure, just because they're WEIRD:

Batching it (?)
Hermit (That word is doing wonders for my self-esteem - I conjure up images of a hunch-backed, dirty-haired, wench....hmmm..BINGO!)
Me and my shadow (no kidding, that comes up in the entry)
Shag (??) (Is that where shag carpet comes from? God damn it, it just doesn't make sense!)
Traveling light (they have a point - Papadada does weigh in excess of 100kgs)

Sticky Baby, always my trusty companion, is here with me of course. But geez people, husband-less for 4 days is not cool. He's working, poor love, but his presence is sorely missed. 4 days and 4 nights with no one to swoop in and help with baths, bottles, nappies.....Gaaaaaahhhh!

I can do it, I can do it, I can do it....

I made a compulsory husband-is-away trip to Picard, frozen-food Nirvana. This is GOOD frozen food. Let me give you a sample of my lunch/dinner menu for the days to come, seeing as there is no way on God's green earth that I will feel like cooking at any given point on this solitary journey:

Moroccan chicken salad
Ham, cheese and mushroom crepes
Japanese bento box
Chicken and mushroom pasta

Not bad! So food is taken care of. Laundry and a quick clean of the house I did this morning while Papadada was still here. It was reminiscent of the scene in 'There's Something About Mary' where Magda is on speed and vacuuming under her couch. That's how fast I went to make sure that I wouldn't have to worry about household chores for the coming days. My mother would've been proud.

Boring logistics out of the way, the reality is that my nightly viewing of Home&Away and Neighbours just won't be the same without Papadada, otherwise known in our household as the 'Aussie Soap Opera Oracle'. Seriously. It's a God-given talent this man has. I know soaps are supposed to be predictable, but Papadada can foresee twists in the plot that would make the writers from The Bold & The Beautiful have joy-gasms.

Alf Stewart just said "Streuth, you flamin' galah!", so that's my cue to go! Wish me luck!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Castle Crasher

Today we were invited to our friends' son's 2nd birthday celebration. Sticky Baby's first party.

At only 7 months of age, Sticky Baby is slowly learning the art of being social. He's a funny little mite, and as much as he loves new faces and lots of outings, he also has a mild 'loner' streak about him and often cracks a darky if things get too gregarious. When this happens, I can sense him yearning for the 'safe place' that is his blue and brown play mat and his box full of baby-friendly kitchen utensils.

Needless to say, the day started with me hoping and praying that his morning nap would be a good one in order for him to be as bubbly and sociable as Paris Hilton on Guarana tablets (I cleaned that up a little...I was going to say crack).

Nope. 50 minute nap. Up at 10:15am. Not good.

11am bottle. Sticky Baby not interested.

Great. Come 11:30am, party time, Sticky Baby would be grumpy and hungry. Joy.

I pack my nappy bag and throw in the birthday boy's present plus a sprinkling of courage and hope, and we head out the door. Papadada is meeting us there.

I am happy to report that Sticky Baby did quite well! A few hiccups along the way, but that's to be expected. One of Sticky Baby's pals, J-man, a very affectionate 14-month old, attempted to give Sticky Baby a kiss, which in effect was a massive yes, a few tears post-collision, but nothing too bad at all.

There was also the castle incident.

A lovely, small-sized blow-up castle had been set up for the little kiddies. Complete with gate and turrets. Come cake time (incredible cake - race track design, with crushed Orios to make the road!), all the children and adults surrounded the table to sing 'Happy Birthday'. Not Sticky Baby. He wanted to be ALONE in the castle, like a miserable, hair-less, male version of Rapunzel. Papadada and I tried to coax him out with our 'special' singing voices, singing 'Happy Birthday' along with every else. How convivial and fun Sticky Baby, won't you join us? No. Castle. Alone. NOW!

So there you have it. We survived our first birthday party. Here's to hoping that one day soon, 'Sir Poohs-a-Lot' will emerge from his castle, ready to greet his plebs with headbutts of his own.

Vietnamese piglets, giraffes, HIP-popotami..and the dissection of male/female anatomy

A few days ago, Papadada was granted a day off from work and suggested we explore the Sigean African Reserve , a relatively short drive from home. We jumped in the car in time for Sticky Baby's lunch-time nap. Lights out by the time we round the corner and I begin my usual car-ride-crooning to some random french pop song. Is it really the vibrations of the car that sedate him, or rather my incredibly 'special' (bad) singing voice that drives him to a semi-unconscious state?? Hmmm....yet to find a stash of airplane earplugs on Papadada's side of the I'm going with car vibrations. Yesssss!!! (fist pump, fist pump)

The animal park was superb. Wide open spaces for the wild beasts to roam. Just as nature intended. Nearly. The whole set-up is very 'Jurassic-Park-esque'. You remain in your vehicle and drive through the 7 different parks - Bears in one, Lions in another, Wilderbeast and other generic horned animals in yet another. Instructions are clear: Drive slowly, do not stop the vehicle at any time, windows must remain firmly shut. I SO felt like Laura Dern, with Sam Neil (aka Papadada) at my side and a very short and not-so-dark-and-curly-haired version of Jeff Goldblum in the back.

We enter Park 1 - the giant ostriches. Did you know just how hellishly BIG ostriches are?? Papadada immediately breaks rule #1, by speeding up to one of them, tapping on the car window, and screaming, 'HUUUUGGGE'!!! Yes, he's an exciteable one. I am sure not tapping on windows is also a rule...or at least it is in pet shops. I take rules very seriously, ok?!?! I beg him to drive a tad slower, triple-check that his large finger is not about to press the down arrow on the window control (i can just see he is dying to pluck an ostrich feather), and we move to Park 2.

Rules are continuously broken by Papadada - mostly the one about stopping the vehicle. He does it repeatedly. Damn you Sam Neil!!

The driving portion of the trip over, we proceed to the lovely 'walking' area, where the less-risky of the animals live. Let me say this. I am IN LOVE with Vietnamese piglets!! Wilbur out of Charlotte's Web has nothing on these guys! I have included a photo in this post (Sam Niel took it) for your viewing pleasure. Get on board the Vietnamese piglet love train, people!

Nearing the elephant enclosure, Sticky Baby decides that the pram is so last season, and requests to be carried. Papadada does the honours. And so begins our dissection of the male and female bodies...You see, Papadada is struggling to get Sticky Baby comfortable. He goes from 'basket hold', to 'over the shoulder hold', to 'sitting on shoulders' position. I suggest he put Sticky Baby on his hip, just like I always do. Impossible. Unworkable. Sticky Baby does not 'go' on Papadada's hip. What?!?! How can this be?? He fits on mine like a Ravensburger puzzle piece fits on my grandfather's hobby table. We begin work-shopping the phenomenon. Why doesn't he fit? What is wrong with the world if a baby can't fit on his father's hip? The answer soon becomes apparent. Papadada is a big unit. Think 'He Man and the Masters of the Universe'. Gorgeous. Love him. Big. Sticky Baby no fit around He Man's hip. End of story.

After a bit of research I found this very interesting excerpt that further confirms our discussions at the zoo:

Harvard University anthropology researcher Katherine Whitcomb found two physical differences in male and female backs that until now had gone unnoticed: One lower lumbar vertebra is wedged-shaped in women and more square in men; and a key hip joint is 14 percent larger in women than men when body size is taken into account.

I'm not sure I like this research. The words 'wedge' and 'large' don't sit well with me. 'Wedge' makes me think of wedges with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce, which is only going to make these hips LARGER!

Anyway, there it is. I would be very interested to know if all men find it difficult, read impossible, to carry their babies on their hips, as successfully and effortlessly as the women in their lives do.

I still love watching Papadada try. And the look on Sticky Baby's face when his poor little legs are forced to split like an Olympic gymnast doing a floor routine. Yeouch!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

On today's menu.....Sand served with a side of sand

Sticky Baby strikes again (!) and redefines the idiom 'to bury one's head in the sand'.

Today was our first expedition to the beach this summer. And I use the word 'expedition' very lightly...Open front door, cross road, walk 40 metres, cross another street and VOILA! Sticky Baby on PapaDada's hip (more on this in a future blog), camera and beach bag on my shoulder. That's all we took. Quite impressive really, considering we usually resemble pack horses for the smallest of outings.

Cut to beach...

Sticky Baby is mesmerised by the sight and sound of the water, the texture of the sand, the grandeur of it all. We take a ga-zillion photos while he miraculously sits so still. Quick as a flash, Sticky Baby breaks his stillness, lunges for a handful of gritty, damp sand and stuffs it into his mouth. We knew it was going to happen. In fact, we were warned by a lovely friend of mine, Tan Artiste, that he would do this but then immediately spit it back out and NEVER DO IT AGAIN! So there we were, PapaDada and I, waiting for the look of horror and the sand sputtering. We could have waited an eternity. Sticky Baby, short of licking his tiny lips and cooing 'yuuumm', lunged yet again and ingested a 2nd handful of sand. No look of horror. No sputtering. Just a sand goatee. And a very happy Sticky Baby, with a smorgasbord of sand-candy right in front of him. He tried again and again, succeeded a few more times by swatting his pesky parents away (see 2nd photo - aggravated by our feeble attempts to restrain him), but we finally won by packing everything up and heading home. Maybe I'll consider feeding him like a champion competitive eater before future beach trips. We are awaiting gritty poohs in the very near future..

The mother of all naps..and the birth of a Blog

Meet Sticky Baby. Sticky baby, like many critters of his kind, is very fickle when it comes to naps. I don't negotiate on the '2 a day' rule, but now that he is a little older (7 months), I am bending a little with the duration of said naps. Anywhere from 1hr15 to 1hr30, I'm satisfied. 1hr45mins, the plaguey mini-fruit flies that inhabit our home are witness to my happy dance. 2hrs, I am beside myself with joy, hyperventilating at the notion of having all that 'me time'. 2 and a half hours.....I START A BLOG!

So there it is, today my son napped like an 92 year old, and I finally decided to channel my creative writing juices into this here blog. It's something I've wanted to do for some time now. A dear friend of mine, Sa$$Y Lady Lawyer (more on her later) inspired me a little while ago. I considered blogging to document my pregnancy. The couch and the fridge were far more appealing. But now, 7 months into being a mummy, I am ready to sink my teeth into something new. Speaking of teeth, anyone got a spare set for badly-teething Sticky Baby??