Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Papadada's Pearls of Wisdom

I witnessed the most hilarious display of 'what-not-to-teach-your-kids' today at lunch time.

Now, it goes without saying that Papadada is an incredible father. Endlessly generous with his time, patient, loving, fun, involved in all the dirty work of nappy changing, umbilical cord cleansing, vomit cleaning. But today, his brain farted and he regressed to 19 year old frat-boy status....

Papadada came home from work loaded up to the hilt with hot dog making supplies. 3 bags of buns, 3 slabs of sausages, 4 bags of mini snickers bars. Obviously more than we needed and we DEFINITELY didn't need the chocolate! Saucepan goes on the gas, sausages take a dip, and things get underway rather nicely. (I have to say at this point in the story that I was not having the hot dogs for lunch, but rather a very healthy and nutritious lunch of rock melon and parma ham. But I was secretly dying for one, let's not pretend.)

Sticky Baby was sitting in his high chair, our little kitchen custodian, overseeing all the activity and watching his father attentively.

This is when the bizarro went down.

So, the water in the saucepan is at a nice rolling boil. Papadada turns the heat off and prepares the buns - butter, cheese, sauce - all his 'condiments', as he likes to put it. It's at this point that he turns to Sticky Baby and says, "Check this out, check this out, watch what I'm going to do!", and plunges his fingers into the boiling water to retrieve a sausage. WHAT?!?! Does it 5 times! 5 times people!!!! One time for each sausage.

My maternal instinct was to shield my child's eyes from the spectacle that lay before him. But all I could do was laugh. Yes, I laughed and asked him what the hell he was doing. That's all. I can hear my father-in-law from here saying, "Don't you let him off the hook that easily". Sorry Pop, I totally did. It was just SO ridiculous, that I couldn't quite believe what I was watching. Obviously a male dare/double-dare/triple-dare thing that I never got the memo on.

Thankfully, Sticky Baby didn't really know what was going on. He's still oblivious to most things. Though he won't be fooled for long, so Papadada, please use a fork next time!

                                         Picture 1: Sausage retrieval                          Picture 2: Lunch is served


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