Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Kinda Bi-zay, K-Kinda Bi-zay!

The deep, poignant words of Lada Gaga got me thinking about my female friends and fam members who have so much on their plate, yet do it all with grace, enthusiasm and energy. I am inspired.

Miss NYC, a phenomenal advertising professional, has taken on cake decorating as a hobby. Attending classes and everything. Manipulating fondant like a pro. Oh, and in case you didn't catch on, she lives in NYC, and that's a whole lot to deal with in itself!

Beach Beauty works part-time, is a key member of a ga-zillion mothers' club, and runs to a light house and back a couple of times a week. And has 2 delicious kiddies under the age of 3. I think that calls for a Kinda Bi-zay!

Hot mama Z, mother of 3, plays net ball and is a regular gym bunny. Oh, and a wedding planner extraordinaire when any of her pals get married. And her husband's business book keeper. Can someone say K-kinda Bi-zay?

Saucy-Sydneysider is doing her MBA, making her mark in a new workplace, and re-defining the term 'dating' (!!)

Princess Peanut is juggling a new-born bubba and a few days of work per week. And sleep training. Gaaahh!

Lovely LeLu who is finally starting a little baking business that has been long awaited by many of us. My taste buds sprout new taste buds when I eat her baked delicacies.

Mrs Melbourne is a newly-wed, has a dog and cat going through Cesar-Milan boot camp, is a HR power-house, and has recently started yoga with her husband. I don't which is harder - actually doing yoga or convincing one's husband to attend!?!? Kudos!

Sa$$y Lady Lawyer is taking legal mining contracts by the balls, apartment-hunting, has started meditating and is seeing a Sherpa! Not dating a sherpa, just seeing one to cleanse her inner being. Check out her blog Ptit Poisson!

Naughty Nurse is studying a ga-zillion subjects per semester, working in a hospital, is in the local darts league (yes, darts) and doing missionary work in Mexico on her 3.5 days of holiday a year! Sorry I can't take your calls, I'm Kinda Bi-zay! (That's not Naughty Nurse saying that, It's that damn Lady Gaga again!)

The list could go on and on, but the my chest swells with pride when I see what all my lady friends are accomplishing.

......Kinda Bi-zay, K-kinda Bi-ZAY......(Damn you Lady Gaga and your ridiculously addictive songs!)


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