Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hair now, gone tomorrow

'Twas the day of the big cut yesterday. Armed with a little box of Smarties to distract the 'victim', and  Grandma and Auntie Shae in tow for moral support, the whole experience was an absolute delight! Nat the hairdresser had the steadiest hands in west - very impressive..

The robe with fishies on it was a true fashion statement

Can you see my hand holding out the Smartie bribes? Mum points...


IS THAT NOT DIVINE?!?! We can't stop looking at him (nothing new there). He's gone from baby boy to toddler in the space of an afternoon (the Beckham pose with his blue bouncy ball is cold, hard proof). The curls are still in there - lots of texture - but the boy is smooth as silk and very dapper. Meanwhile, he looks SO much like a blonde version of my father. I can't wait to line them up together and see my mother's jaw drop!

Sticky Baby, you are gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I loved your curls with a passion, but this new do is doing wonderful thing to my heart parts!

Monday, February 21, 2011


Clearly, I've fallen off the face of the earth...

So sorry guys, but the past couple of weeks have been capital H, Hectic.

The honest truth is that I am slowly being buried alive under a pile of suitcases. Samsonite, 1. Lise, 0. You win luggage, YOU WIN, you horrid, back-breaking mole!

Yes, we are still, 2 months on, galivanting between our families' homes - my grandparents, my in-laws, my auntie and uncle's. They've all been so gracious and generous while we house-hunt, house-sell. To be honest, I can't quite see the light at the end of the tunnel. In fact, it's effing pitch black in here and I don't even have one of those cool forehead-miner lamp things. Dammit!

Our house goes on the market this Saturday. Papadada and I were doing a last minute frantic yard cleanup in the rain last night. On his birthday. It sucked the big one.

Yes, the big PapaD turned 31 yesterday! Hip Hip Hooray! I can't believe we're entering a new decade. He makes 31 look smokin' hot though...

In other news, Sticky Baby is getting his first haircut this afternoon! Da da Daaaaaaa! All those curls have turned into massive dreadlocks. For real, the hippies are seriously envious. Despite applying countless dollops of my $50 hair mask in at attempt to untangle the knots, those things just won't budge. My mother-in-law and I cut the evil birds nests out a few nights ago, which was a start, but now Sticky Baby is sporting a weird-ass, uneven mullet. Needless to say, it's well and truly time for the professional hairdresser to intervene.

Will post piccies of the new big-boy do asap! I'm already mourning the loss of my baby boy's sweet curly white-man 'fro. Hopefully the curls come back thicker and stronger, like Samson from the bible or something. Otherwise, we better pray that he suits the short-back-and-sides style...

In memory of the 'fro....Krusty the Clown meets nutty professor.
And yes, that is another one of Papadada's dirt bikes....

Friday, February 11, 2011

Be my Valentine...

Some V-day inspiration for a friday evening. Ahhhhh, sweet dreams are made of these.........Date night here I come!

 Marc by Marc Jacobs - chunky salmon ring + heart drop earrings
Christian Louboutin pigalle pumps; Christian Louboutin marechale pumps; Jimmy Choo quiet patent pumps

 Jenny Packham ‘ensemble’; La Perla Balconette bra and g-string

Lanvin satin clutch; Smith and Canova fuschia bag

Herve Leger Bandage dress

Azarro Javanaise pleated silk dress

I’ll have one or all of these, thank you very much. I’m feeling sexy just posting these. Gorgeous, no?

What are you all doing for Valentine’s day this year?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Excuses, excuses

Ok, I’m going to lay it on the line here.

My blogging is SUCKING THE BIG ONE at the moment, but I am here to provide a tangible explanation..

So, the house we were planning on renovating? We’ve kinda had a change of heart.

Last night, Papadada and I both verbalised our hesitations with the ballooning builder’s quote. Daylight robbery. Or so it seems. A lot of moolah to spend on a face-lift. We’re sort of gagging on the whole process and it hasn’t even begun!

Now we’re contemplating selling and buying elsewhere. Ta-dah!

So now Papadada and I are glued to the MacBook, trawling real estate websites and yahooing when we see properties we like.

Mama L: This is it! It’s a winner!
Papadada: I’ve found it! Our dream home!
Mama L: Scroll down, scroll down!
Papadada: That kitchen is vile, we can’t live there
Mama L: That bathroom...never going to happen
Papadada: Death trap for Sticky Baby...Next!
Mama L: OMG OMG OMG! This could be it!
Papadada: Let’s drive by now!
Mama L: It’s 11pm. Calm the eff down.

You get the picture. It’s madness over here right now.

To be continued....

Monday, February 7, 2011

Movin’ on up

Sesame Street is seriously star-studded these days. Didn’t mean that to be a tongue-twister, sorry.

Sticky Baby and I tuned in over lunch today only to come face to face with Jake Gyllenhaal and Adam Sandler. Umm, is it just me, but in MY day (holy shit I sound old) Sesame Street ‘celebs’ were no where near being A-listers. Or maybe I wasn’t interested in the ‘humans’ that featured. Truth be told, I had eyes only for Snuffleupagus. Who can blame me. That hairy mammoth still rocks my world.

Granted, during the episode, the stars weren’t at their Hollywood best. I mean, Jake had a talking octopus on his head in order to demonstrate the meaning of the word ‘separate’ and Adam Sandler was serenading Elmo with a ukalele (actually, nothing different there for Mr Sandler). Regardless, I found both of them to be totally endearing and massively cute in their SS performances.

I am now crushing on him a little harder...even with a brown sea critter on his noggin...

As a side note, Sticky Baby is OBSESSING HARD over balloons. How are balloons related to this particular post? Well, anything round and up off the floor is a balloon, in Sticky Baby’s world. So that octopus on Jakey’s head = balloon. Round light fittings = balloons. People with large heads = balloon. It’s getting to be embarrassing. Not only that, but he goes totally apeshit when he sees real balloons at the mall. Hello, sale season anyone? Balloons frikking ev-ery-where. Our living room floor looks like a helium-addicts den...

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Princess of Darkness

I am considering going dark for our master bathroom. I know, it’s a departure. But I am drawn to the drama and mystery that these tones evoke. It’s sexy and grown-up. Stylish and chic.

 Love this combo. The wallpaper is killer, as is the cabinet.

 Textured walls. Big tick. Cool tap-wear too.

 Clearly, this is never going to happen. But I love it anyway. Who the hell has a chaise-longue in their bathroom, is what I want to know...

I quite like the black and white mosaic tiles here, and the framed mirror. And all those drawers in the cabinet. Storage heaven.

So, what do we think? Am I having a brain-fart here? Is it too masculine? Are we already having nightmares about toothpaste splatters and soap scum?

I really want each room in our new house to make a statement. I don’t want to play it safe anymore. White, schmite. I want a bit of za-za-zoo, damn it!

Lots to contemplate....

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Weeeerrrrk it, girl!

Guess what I did yesterday?


Yup, yup, yup. After 3 YEARS of not working (I know, shocking, but we were in France for hubby’s work), I did my first day of hard yakka back in Australia and I LOVED every minute of it!

As you’ll notice in the right hand column of my blog, it says that I’m a "retired fashion model". Well, I am about to retire the word “retired”, ‘cause I’m back on the scene, bitchezzzzz!

Ok, so ‘fashion model’ might be pushing it these days After all, I’m 30 as opposed to 14, I am not 7 feet tall and eastern European, and my name certainly doesn’t end in Zevilowski. And my client base certainly isn’t what it used to be. Gucci is now Target and the days of modelling for Wonderbra have been replaced with maternity bra catalogues. You get the drift.

                                  Used to be me.... except not exactly Eva.H             Now? That’s more like it.....

Yesterday’s gig though, was quite lovely. A TV commercial shoot for a well known women’s multi-vitamin. Fun little concept about how women multi-task and how good we are at it. The scene I shot involved being in the shower, brushing my teeth, washing my hair and doing squats. Cute, right?

Believe it or not, Sticky Baby was also put ‘on hold’ for this TVC. The agency suggested that the client may want to see him, which they did, and of course he seduced them with his curly white-man’s-fro and serious toddler ‘tude. The two of us casted for a scene that involved a mum feeding her toddler while bouncing a newborn in a bassinet and doing her finances on the laptop. And of course I also auditioned for the aforementioned ‘shower scene’. Unfortunately, bubbarama did not get the job. Close, but no cigar (rusk). In hindsight, I guess Sticky Baby and I don’t look ANYTHING like mother and son, so the producers obviously decided to nix my little man but keep mama instead! Yeeeewwwww! Sorry baby, maybe next time, but mummy was super dooper stoked to have a day to myself back ‘at the office’!

I will try and get my hands on the finished product when it airs. That will make for a hilarious blog post!

And you guys better comment on my shower squat skills!

Meanwhile, my teeth have never been cleaner, my hair is squeaky and my ass hurts like hell!

Go team model mums! Model hard, model HARD!!!!! (Peanut, that one’s for you!)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

DIY Project

Look at this credenza. Just look at it.

Oh my God, I’m in love with this piece of furniture.

Seriously, I’m going to attempt this DIY project for the new house.

I know I can, I know I can, I know I can.....

I found this amazing design blog called centsationalgirl and the clever author tackled this little beauty all by herself! I am yahoo-ing over the genius geometric print and the fresh colour combo.

Do you guys love?

Thrift shops beware! I am now officially on the prowl...