Thursday, February 3, 2011

Princess of Darkness

I am considering going dark for our master bathroom. I know, it’s a departure. But I am drawn to the drama and mystery that these tones evoke. It’s sexy and grown-up. Stylish and chic.

 Love this combo. The wallpaper is killer, as is the cabinet.

 Textured walls. Big tick. Cool tap-wear too.

 Clearly, this is never going to happen. But I love it anyway. Who the hell has a chaise-longue in their bathroom, is what I want to know...

I quite like the black and white mosaic tiles here, and the framed mirror. And all those drawers in the cabinet. Storage heaven.

So, what do we think? Am I having a brain-fart here? Is it too masculine? Are we already having nightmares about toothpaste splatters and soap scum?

I really want each room in our new house to make a statement. I don’t want to play it safe anymore. White, schmite. I want a bit of za-za-zoo, damn it!

Lots to contemplate....


Marsha_Fox said...

I LOVE it Mama L you are talkin my language! My whole New house will be B & W, monochrome, masculine, dark, striking, chic, elegant whatever you wish to interpret it into! Love Love Love xx

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