Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Weeeerrrrk it, girl!

Guess what I did yesterday?


Yup, yup, yup. After 3 YEARS of not working (I know, shocking, but we were in France for hubby’s work), I did my first day of hard yakka back in Australia and I LOVED every minute of it!

As you’ll notice in the right hand column of my blog, it says that I’m a "retired fashion model". Well, I am about to retire the word “retired”, ‘cause I’m back on the scene, bitchezzzzz!

Ok, so ‘fashion model’ might be pushing it these days After all, I’m 30 as opposed to 14, I am not 7 feet tall and eastern European, and my name certainly doesn’t end in Zevilowski. And my client base certainly isn’t what it used to be. Gucci is now Target and the days of modelling for Wonderbra have been replaced with maternity bra catalogues. You get the drift.

                                  Used to be me.... except not exactly Eva.H             Now? That’s more like it.....

Yesterday’s gig though, was quite lovely. A TV commercial shoot for a well known women’s multi-vitamin. Fun little concept about how women multi-task and how good we are at it. The scene I shot involved being in the shower, brushing my teeth, washing my hair and doing squats. Cute, right?

Believe it or not, Sticky Baby was also put ‘on hold’ for this TVC. The agency suggested that the client may want to see him, which they did, and of course he seduced them with his curly white-man’s-fro and serious toddler ‘tude. The two of us casted for a scene that involved a mum feeding her toddler while bouncing a newborn in a bassinet and doing her finances on the laptop. And of course I also auditioned for the aforementioned ‘shower scene’. Unfortunately, bubbarama did not get the job. Close, but no cigar (rusk). In hindsight, I guess Sticky Baby and I don’t look ANYTHING like mother and son, so the producers obviously decided to nix my little man but keep mama instead! Yeeeewwwww! Sorry baby, maybe next time, but mummy was super dooper stoked to have a day to myself back ‘at the office’!

I will try and get my hands on the finished product when it airs. That will make for a hilarious blog post!

And you guys better comment on my shower squat skills!

Meanwhile, my teeth have never been cleaner, my hair is squeaky and my ass hurts like hell!

Go team model mums! Model hard, model HARD!!!!! (Peanut, that one’s for you!)


Natalie said...

Congrats girl!! So proud of you getting a tv commercial! Can't wait to see it!! I would be honored to have an aussie to a guest post for me!! You can tell us how its done down under:) Send me your email and i will email you about it!!

Brooke Hall said...

i knew you would never "retire", you just weren't in the right place! isnt' it great to get a few hours away and be doing something you love? so glad you got that fine ass back into it! now, you will just get preggo again and take another year off ;-) ha!

Kindra Hanson said...

Get it girl!! Congratulations on the commercial and all of your future gigs:-)PS- My girlfriend said it was 99 degrees there a few days ago--LUCKY!xo

Mama L said...

Thanks kids! Feeling the love xo

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