Monday, February 7, 2011

Movin’ on up

Sesame Street is seriously star-studded these days. Didn’t mean that to be a tongue-twister, sorry.

Sticky Baby and I tuned in over lunch today only to come face to face with Jake Gyllenhaal and Adam Sandler. Umm, is it just me, but in MY day (holy shit I sound old) Sesame Street ‘celebs’ were no where near being A-listers. Or maybe I wasn’t interested in the ‘humans’ that featured. Truth be told, I had eyes only for Snuffleupagus. Who can blame me. That hairy mammoth still rocks my world.

Granted, during the episode, the stars weren’t at their Hollywood best. I mean, Jake had a talking octopus on his head in order to demonstrate the meaning of the word ‘separate’ and Adam Sandler was serenading Elmo with a ukalele (actually, nothing different there for Mr Sandler). Regardless, I found both of them to be totally endearing and massively cute in their SS performances.

I am now crushing on him a little harder...even with a brown sea critter on his noggin...

As a side note, Sticky Baby is OBSESSING HARD over balloons. How are balloons related to this particular post? Well, anything round and up off the floor is a balloon, in Sticky Baby’s world. So that octopus on Jakey’s head = balloon. Round light fittings = balloons. People with large heads = balloon. It’s getting to be embarrassing. Not only that, but he goes totally apeshit when he sees real balloons at the mall. Hello, sale season anyone? Balloons frikking ev-ery-where. Our living room floor looks like a helium-addicts den...


Natalie said...

I love me some Jake. Must go through my DVR and see if that is going to air anytime soon over here! Thank you to Seasame Street for providing some entertainment for the moms!

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