Thursday, April 22, 2010

Castle Crasher

Today we were invited to our friends' son's 2nd birthday celebration. Sticky Baby's first party.

At only 7 months of age, Sticky Baby is slowly learning the art of being social. He's a funny little mite, and as much as he loves new faces and lots of outings, he also has a mild 'loner' streak about him and often cracks a darky if things get too gregarious. When this happens, I can sense him yearning for the 'safe place' that is his blue and brown play mat and his box full of baby-friendly kitchen utensils.

Needless to say, the day started with me hoping and praying that his morning nap would be a good one in order for him to be as bubbly and sociable as Paris Hilton on Guarana tablets (I cleaned that up a little...I was going to say crack).

Nope. 50 minute nap. Up at 10:15am. Not good.

11am bottle. Sticky Baby not interested.

Great. Come 11:30am, party time, Sticky Baby would be grumpy and hungry. Joy.

I pack my nappy bag and throw in the birthday boy's present plus a sprinkling of courage and hope, and we head out the door. Papadada is meeting us there.

I am happy to report that Sticky Baby did quite well! A few hiccups along the way, but that's to be expected. One of Sticky Baby's pals, J-man, a very affectionate 14-month old, attempted to give Sticky Baby a kiss, which in effect was a massive yes, a few tears post-collision, but nothing too bad at all.

There was also the castle incident.

A lovely, small-sized blow-up castle had been set up for the little kiddies. Complete with gate and turrets. Come cake time (incredible cake - race track design, with crushed Orios to make the road!), all the children and adults surrounded the table to sing 'Happy Birthday'. Not Sticky Baby. He wanted to be ALONE in the castle, like a miserable, hair-less, male version of Rapunzel. Papadada and I tried to coax him out with our 'special' singing voices, singing 'Happy Birthday' along with every else. How convivial and fun Sticky Baby, won't you join us? No. Castle. Alone. NOW!

So there you have it. We survived our first birthday party. Here's to hoping that one day soon, 'Sir Poohs-a-Lot' will emerge from his castle, ready to greet his plebs with headbutts of his own.


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