Monday, April 26, 2010

10 Things I Can't Live Without

I think this little 'segment' of my blog may become a regular one. As Sticky Baby changes, so will the contents of the list. Watch this space...

1. Save Our Sleep  by Tizzie Hall

This book, recommended and purchased for me by one of my all-time besties, Hot Mama Z, has been a wealth of information and guidance since the day Sticky Baby popped out of me. I refer to it ALL THE TIME! And yes, it has 'saved our sleep'!

2. Safe T Sleep sleep wrap
I borrowed this genius contraption from my sis, Beach Beauty. God-send for when Sticky Baby started moving around the cot and bumping his wee head....and waking us all up! This keeps him snug as a bug in a velcro rug. Love!

3. Hoppediz Sling

This was my attempt to be an earth mother-type mum. And can I say, it has paid off in spades! Not only do I look very 'bohemian chic' when wearing this, but Sticky Baby loves being in it too and no terrain is out of bounds! Lots of mama-bubba contact:)

4. Brauer's Sleep and Insomnia Relief
Again, Beach Beauty comes to the rescue with this little gem. A fantastic 'sleep spray' that helps me switch off at night. All natural. 4 sprays and I'm well on my way to la-la land. Papadada says that the 'tsch tsch tsch tsch' sound a night drives him bonkers! Suck it up sweetheart!

5. 'Rabbit Boy'

Now, if that video clip didn't just make your day, you need your head examined. This Rabbit rocks our world. Papadada came home with it after work one day. It was then, and still is, the trippiest thing I have ever seen. This crazy character helps us get through 'putting on pjs' time at night. For some mysterious reason, Sticky Baby HATES getting into his pyjamas post-bath. Cry-fest every time. Rapping Rabbit came into our lives and has turned things around. No idea what he actually says in his rap, but his long, flailing ears and crazy-ass moves seem to soothe Sticky Baby every time! Yessssssss!

6. Storksak Nappy Bag

Angelina Jolie's choice, and now mine! Gifted to me by my generous girlfriends here in France, this bag is a style-statement (meaning there are no giant pink and blue bears stamped all over it) and it is ever so practical. Comes with me everywhere I go. And no, that's not me in the photo, it's Ange.

7. Papadada's iphone

No picture or link necessary. The person sitting next to you probably has one stuck to his/her head right now. I'm kind of an anti-fancy-phone person. I've only ever owned 3 in my lifetime and they were the 'free' ones you get with your plan. But this little beauty has revolutionised the way we keep in touch with our loved ones. I know you know how good they are.

8. Filofax mini-Finsbury day planner 

Now the truth of the matter is that I don't have all that much to record in this little guy BUT those of you who know me well are already aware of the fact that I have always had a day planner. ALWAYS. I write shopping lists, to-do lists, pediatrician appointments, play dates, cool songs I need to download pronto, b'days. Everything. It's my conjoined twin, minus the freaky mini-arms and teeth. Oh, now I feel horrible that I wrote that...

9. Baby Sleeping bags

It's what Maggie Simpson gets around in. Sticky Baby has slept in one since day dot. We have a summer-grade one and a winter-grade one. Cosy and avoids bubs kicking their blankets off. Gold.

10. Blue bunny comforter

This woolen wonder was given to us by friends of the family. Hand made, of course, Sticky Baby took to it like a duck to water. They are bed buddies now. The most gorgeous thing is seeing his little eyes light up when I present blue bunny to him for his naps and night-time sleep. There's a lot of spooning going on in that crib. It's a love affair between man and beast. Gorgeous. (Not too sure what Sticky Baby is doing in the laundry basket...)


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