Saturday, April 24, 2010

A letter for my sweet boy...

My rabbit,

I thought I knew a lot about falling in love when I started living out my fairytale with your dad. That is a big love, right there, and I hope and pray that your little eyes and your little heart will soak it all in. To know that your mama and papa were crazy about each other long before the notion of you became a reality, and to know that now, more than ever, those feelings are multiplied with every eyelash you bat, with every new roll of chub you grow, with every smile you beam. 

There are three of us now. Whoever said 'three's a crowd' has never spent a day with you. Your cheeky, cheeky grin, those wild, caramel curls just above each ear, that crease in your neck that smells like heaven. Your sticky hands, I want to press to my lips all day long. You are hard work, our stubborn little emperor, but we love you just the way you are. You are perfection to us. 

Those times in the day when I sit with you on the rug, legs out-stretched, playing and singing 'row row row your boat'. That giggle and screech combination is worth all the random melt-downs, all the interrupted coffees, all the broken sleep. When I look at you I marvel at the fact that you are half me, half your father. Being your mum is a gift like no other. I am so proud when I take you out. On the back of my bike, you sit so regally, with your oversized froggy helmet. When the three of us go riding, that is my joy. My most prized possessions - my two boys. 

Some days are hard and long. It's the moments that I just wish I could 'switch off' that I remind myself to 'tune in' and that always, always makes for a golden moment with you. My mission is to make your childhood as magical as possible. If that means singing a lot, dancing a great deal and laughing too loudly, than that is what shall happen! You have brought such light to our lives. We are your biggest fans and will always be cheering your name, for a very long time to come.

Love Mum


Sa$$ said...

Mama! This is such a lovely little letter. xx

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