Friday, April 30, 2010

Word Weirdness

A conversation had yesterday, on purchasing a summer cotton blanket to replace our swelter-fest of a doona:

Mama L:  "I bought it in a nice orange colour instead of beige, because I know you don't like beige"

Papadada:  "I don't mind the colour, I just don't like the word beige"


Mind you, there are many other words Papadada chooses to dislike...

Prunes: he makes me say dried plums

Eulogy: Not because it suggests a very tragic event, but rather he can't stand the way it sounds.

What am I to do with a man like this?

A friendly warning to Sticky Baby:  Don't you go all weird on me, like your father,  and decide you don't like the sound of the word 'rusk' or 'bath'. I will not be manipulated into saying 'hard teething biscuit' or 'water cleansing time'! Not now, not ever! Amen.


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