Thursday, April 29, 2010


Guess who I just saw walking along the beach-front in our village?

Sally from Home&Away! Yes! Kate Richie, here, in our sleepy little sea-side town. I was tripping out guys!

I was out for a jog with a new friend and that's when she walked past. She smiled at me! Probably because I was talking too loudly in a very Australian accent. I should've said something, but what?! Gaaaahh, I wish I had invited her over for dinner!!!!

Apparently she is dating another aussie who lives here too. I called Papadada right away, as he too is an avid 'Sally' fan. His response: We need to track her down and at least get a photo with her. Subtle. I smell a restraining order...

(For those of you who are not Australian and reading my blog, Kate Richie is a FAMOUS actress in Australia, cast-member of a popular aussie soap. She was on the show for 20 years or something insane like that. An icon of Australian television. Oh my God, I feel famous for even having SEEN her! Yessssss!).


Adriana said...

OMG! we all grew up with Sally...massive fan too....when she went through boy did we, when we finished did we... get her over for dinner!

ncoulonconsulting said...

Can we post comments now..Hellllllo OH Lise why didn't you say something to Kate Richie!

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