Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The mother of all naps..and the birth of a Blog

Meet Sticky Baby. Sticky baby, like many critters of his kind, is very fickle when it comes to naps. I don't negotiate on the '2 a day' rule, but now that he is a little older (7 months), I am bending a little with the duration of said naps. Anywhere from 1hr15 to 1hr30, I'm satisfied. 1hr45mins, the plaguey mini-fruit flies that inhabit our home are witness to my happy dance. 2hrs, I am beside myself with joy, hyperventilating at the notion of having all that 'me time'. 2 and a half hours.....I START A BLOG!

So there it is, today my son napped like an 92 year old, and I finally decided to channel my creative writing juices into this here blog. It's something I've wanted to do for some time now. A dear friend of mine, Sa$$Y Lady Lawyer (more on her later) inspired me a little while ago. I considered blogging to document my pregnancy. The couch and the fridge were far more appealing. But now, 7 months into being a mummy, I am ready to sink my teeth into something new. Speaking of teeth, anyone got a spare set for badly-teething Sticky Baby??


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