Monday, December 6, 2010

By George!

I think I’ve found the ultimate fat-busting, cellulite-banishing remedy!

Ready for it?

Enter Dubai Mall, (largest mall in the entire universe) and get lost for 3 hours! All while pushing a pram with a 12kg sleeping baby-log and a 6-pack of Evian. Whew!

Ok, so the ‘getting lost’ bit is totally subjective. It is a pleasant disorientation, at the very least. For once, Sticky Baby actually slept his entire 2-hour nap in his buggy, giving Papadada and I an unprecedented leisurely shopping time-slot. Ahh, the joys of wandering in and out of shop after shop after shop after shop. Flagship Manolo Blanik store anyone? Don’t mind if I do! (window shopping, of, hiss). Papadada ummed and aahed over Carrera sunglasses as I ducked in and out of an obscene amount of retailers. Result? Nada! Zilch! Super-fun, nonetheless.

Still loving Dubai. Still hoping to cross paths with a camel, a sheikh prince, or Sarah Jessica Parker on a re-shoot of SATC2.

Speaking of which, I am doing my utmost to channel the fashion of the Sex & The City gals in their latest flick. Harem pants, full-length play suits with colourful wraps, chic sandals. I die.

Heading to the hotel pool for an afternoon swim with my very own Mr Big (and my Mr Small too).

وداعا! Salam! (I think that’s goodbye in Arabic)


Natalie said...

So jealous! Sounds fabulous! We need some pictures of this fairytale land so we can vicariously live through your travels!

Brooke Hall said...

I loooooove you!! So close now lise! Safe travels and I can't wait to see pictures of Dubai- I can't even begin to imagine how magical it is!

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