Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dubai in megapixels

At the Dubai Mall Aquarium. Sticky Baby + cold, slimy critters with gills = love

Ummmm...3 arabian men besotted by our child. Their wives were also taking pictures.

The incredible Dubai fountain. Similar to the one in Vegas. Set to a Celine Dion soundtrack, what's not to love?

Shop name summing up our sentiments, exactly.

There were invisible tootpicks holding up our eyelids. The fatigue well and truly had a hold on us at this point in our 300 days of travelling....gawd..


Brooke Hall said...

I would take rem just like those men did......those curls??!!! I die!!!!! So glad you are home Lise and spending the holiday with your FAMILIES!!!! Woo hoooo!

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