Monday, December 13, 2010

Au Revoir, France

There is a magical place by the sea, about a half hour drive from our home in France. It is called Collioure. Visited by some of the world's most renowned artists, both it's scenery and spirit are breath-taking. Papadada and I always swore that before leaving France for good, we would take some family photos in this glorious little nook of the world. Our wardrobe isn't overly 'family portrait' worthy, but the memories certainly are. Enjoy.

We will miss you for so many reasons. We made you our home away from home, cultivated our love for one another other, the Pyrenees and vineyards as our backdrop, and bore a son who will carry his French nationality with pride. We savoured your food, absorbed your rich culture, learnt your language, took on your traditions - many of which have travelled back to Australia with us. Baguettes, red wine, and warm nutella crepes will forever be served at our family table. Thank you for three wonderful, life-changing years.

Merci et Au revoir xoxo


Natalie said...

Great family pictures! That place looks gorgeous, I must get there one day. You had me at red wine and baguettes!

saks_perry said...

Made me cry! Lots of wonderful memories and Collioure is the best place of all.

LJ said...

Ah! Tres bien! I remember visiting those little 'nooks' when Sticky baby was the size of a lima bean in your belly! So many beautiful memories; France will always love you guys for making it all the richer xx

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