Thursday, December 30, 2010


So there's been a lot of photo posts on Sticky Baby of late. I'm sure you've noticed. In fact, you've no doubt dissed me in mumbled tones under your breath, "Lazy mole, if I see one more photo of her baby or her random shoes...". I forgive you. You're welcome. No but really, 'tis the season to be snap happy and we all know the old adage, 'A picture of Sticky Baby speaks a thousand words'. Sometimes it's just easier to communicate through jpgs, you know?

And the other thing is that there is SO MUCH going on right now, that I hardly know how to begin stringing together the vowels and consonants to explain JUST HOW MUCH is going on right now. Bullet points always come in handy (a throw-back to my old university days), so here goes:
  • Settling in to a new city/country/continent
  • Living with the in-laws and sharing a home with 4 adults and 1 toddler
  • The impending move back to our own house, early Jan
  • The impending renovations on our house, also early Jan
  • Buying EVERYTHING on God's green earth for said house
See what I mean?

Surprisingly all of the above are all very positive and exciting things. We are beyond loving being back in Australia and you would be hard pressed to find Papadada or I without a goofy perma-smile on our faces. Sticky Baby has become a regular at the local swimming pool, rocking his polka-dot swimmer nappies and learning how to duck dive from Pop. Gorge. My mother-in-law is serving up restaurant-quality meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner and making me bottomless cups of tea daily. Total score. I have spent a ludicrous amount of hours on Martha Stewart's home page, hunting and gathering decorating ideas and tips for our new house. Even Papadada has been caught flipping through this month's giant edition of Kitchen and Bathrooms. Gotta love a man who knows his counter tops from his splash backs.

So prepare yourselves for an onslaught of 'What do you think of this door handle/light fixture/tile/bed spread' type posts. Feedback is welcome. In fact, it's mandatory.

I am totally stalking her. She makes my hairs stand on end, but I can't keep myself from coming back for more of her beyond-OCD organizing tips. Ob-sessed.

As an aside, what is everyone doing for NYE? And what sort of NY's resolutions are we making for 2011?


Homemade Heroine said...

Hey there - I'm one of Fred's friends (yes, she has totally spread the word about your blog at our Mums' group!). If you are after gorgeous, handmade (and well priced!) soft furnishings/decorator items, try Fabulous website (and it doesn't hurt that they sell clothes too)!!
Love Jane

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