Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hello 2011!

Time for some resolutions....
  • Print out digital pics on computer and camera and put them into albums
  • Explore a new park/playground in Brisbane with Sticky Baby every month
  • Get back in the gym and try pole dancing as a workout (not in a seedy way) (ok, kind of)
I can so do that

  • More dinner parties of the 'let's use our wedding silverware' kind
  • Girls' nights in when Papadada is away for work - sauv blanc, cheese, fig paste and romcoms anyone?
  • Keep the car clean
  • Swear less
  • Plant an edible garden in our new backyard - basil, mint, chives, baby tomatoes, parsley 
Oops, wrong herb...
  • Movies + sushi dates with Papadada at least once a month.
  • Input all my friends' childrens' birthdays in my birthday alarm calendar
  • Waste less
  • Love big


Natalie said...

Loves your list my friend! Wish we lived in the same city or country, we could have some fabulous girls nights!

Mama L said...

I know, tell me about it!!

Erin said...

Those are great resolutions! Very attainable! And I am dying laughing b/c it looked like the "exotic dancer" had on roller skates at first which made it even funnier. Then I realized, nope, she just has on horrible 80's velcro white sneakers. Zzzexy!

Marsha_Fox said...

Hey Love,

I'm totes up for date nights in when papadadda and cozzabear go away for work!

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