Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Celebrating a year of Stickiness...

Sticky Baby turned ONE on the 15th September. Hip hip hooray!

The day itself was a catastrophe. Sticky Baby awoke so snotty and green he could have featured in an episode of The X Files. By 9am we were at the medical centre signing up for a round of penicillin and a trolley full of paracetamol. The birthday boy spent his big day in pyjamas, in bed, and in the bath, in an attempt to steam out all the mucus. Sticky Baby's Pop came home that evening with a beautiful birthday cake for his grandson. The Stickster, in an act of rebellion against the birthday bacteria that swarmed his small body, plunged his hand deep into the cake....paused....looked around at our expectant faces.,...and then burst into tears. Wailed. Bellowed. Sobbed. My father-in-law summed it up beautifully when he said,  "Well, that turned to shit, didn't it".

This was the photo taken right before the cake debacle. Look at that face...MISERY. He was in bed less than 5 minutes later. Happy Crappy Birthday, dear Sticky Baby. Crappy Birthday.

Post-birthday failure, Papadada and I agreed to recreate Sticky Baby's celebration once the virus had been well and truly banished. "We'll pretend that day never happened" is precisely what we said to one another. This coincided perfectly with the arrival of my sister and her family from down south, a week later. We planned a big family birthday bash and thankfully it turned out beautifully! No snot for miles and a big smile on our 1 year old's face. Cousins, balloons, cake, pressies and party hats. So much fun.

With Papy Jacques

Blowing up rabbit balloons with Mamie Nic

1."It's my birthday and you're giving me apple puree? Tell me you're joking, mum"

2. Behold the birthday cake creation! In homage to beloved Blue Rabbit, Sticky Baby's conforter. Sweet Success.

3. Cutting the cake with Papadada. Great grandpa, Uncle Gray and cousin Jude in the background.

4. Sinking those 8 teeth into the yummy blue icing.

Another milestone in the bag. A birthday-cake-making feather in my mama hat. A baby no more. A toddler in our midst. Another year of joy ahead. Love, teething gel, early mornings, pumpkin puree on the tiles, tantrums, kisses, and more Love.


Sister F said...

I can testify that the bunny cake was the best 1st bday cake i have ever sunk my teeth into it (and believe me i have sampled many a 1st bday cake by now so effectively i'd like to consider myself as a connaisseur). Tops day for a tops tops tops baby and parents. Love u guys x

Brooke Hall said...

i loooooooooooove this post!!!! so good to see your beautiful face and remy!
-look at those blonde curls! i die.
-does dane's shirt say SUPERDAD OR SUPERDANE?
-looks like you are so happy at home!
-love the turban and the way you put the pictures on the side (tell me your secret my dear)
-smiled like a goofball the whole time while reading this.


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