Monday, October 25, 2010

Prince Pepper Pot

Sticky Baby may very well have a new name. Pepper pot. This is how our naturopath, Paul, chose to describe him.

I love it.

News from the magnesium-deficiency front, for those of you who have been following the saga. Magnesium supplements are our new best friends. Sticky Baby is on a high dose for now, 6 tablets a day, although the iridologist confirms that until he stops growing (um, excuse me, have you seen the father? This child will NEVER stop growing!) he will more than likely need at least 3-4 tablets a day. We have a little magnesium-junky on our hands. So be it.

The change we have seen in our little boy is quite amazing. There are many times a day where Papadada and I look at one another in sheer amazement. Examples you ask? Pepper pot never, and I mean NEVER, would sit on our laps for a cuddle. Too much energy. Cuddles are for sissies. No time, no time, must continue to romp and crawl and have mini-baby-brain-explosions from too much energy. Now? He cuddles like a pro. Sits, relaxes, even savours the cuddling. BM (before magnesium)? He HATED the car. As much as Kris Jenner hates Scott Dissick. AM (after magnesium)? He will quite easily endure a 1hr car ride. MIRACLE! It's a miracle people! The lion is now a lamb (ok, a very energetic, crazy-ass lamb...but a lamb nonetheless!). Is there a dietary supplement saint I can sing my praises to? 'Cause Hallelujahs are coming your way sister!

For those of you out there with children, I would HIGHLY recommend you visit a naturopath or iridologist if you feel your child has ADD-type symptoms. Restlessness, irritability, highly strung, you get my drift. Magnesium deficiencies are quite common in kids and it would be a crying shame to medicate our little people with hard drugs if they can just as easily be healed with simple supplements. Worth a try at the very least, don't you think? Amen. And for that matter, we've had such a positive experience with our naturopath that I would be inclined to pay him a visit for any other 'ailments' that may come our way in the future. A good mix of traditional medicine and alternative therapies seems to be a sensible option, for our family at least.

Magnesium or no magnesium, our little Sticky Baby will always be a little pepper pot. Hot to trot, full of fire, and seasoning our lives every single day. Love you baby!


Sister F said...

I love me a pepper pot anyday

Erin said...

I am so glad that he is having a good experience with the magnesium supplements! That is such wonderful news!!

Brooke Hall said...

So....what should we cal you since you were pepper pot #1??? The way you described you as a child, I think Wednesday adams!! Haha!! Glad he is cuddling....that is such a special time!

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