Thursday, October 28, 2010



Gasp! Shocking! Egad! (for the love of Giuliana & Bill, who says "Egad" anymore...I do)

Yes, dear readers, I am going to be out of blogging action for the next fortnight, until we return to Frog-Land (France).

Papadada, Sticky Baby and I will be spending these last two weeks in Oz with my parents, who strategically do not have a computer in their home. They figure they spend enough time in front of a monitor during work hours, so they have banned anything with a keyboard within a 50 metre radius of the house. I love it, I respect it, I worship their hard-core computer-hating ethos. However, this does spell the DEATH of my regular blogging.

So, I am going to put out a 'patience vibe' to the universe, and I hope you will all latch on tightly. Be patient, my pretties, I will be back shortly with more random baby stories and thoughts on reality tv shows (speaking of which, I have developed a rather debilitating obsession with Giuliana and Bob Rancic and their kick-ass tv program. I have missed a gut-wrenching amount of eps BUT I plan to do a youtube marathon catch-up quick smart! Damn it! No computer at my parents house! GAAHHH!)

I love these guys. It's a fact.

Happy Halloween to my readers in the States, Happy Melbourne Cup Day to my readers here in Australia and I'll see you all soon in the sticky blogosphere!


Erin said...

I hope you enjoy your last two weeks! And I too have a small obsession with the Rancics. And the pet names they call each other. Boo-Boo

LJ said...

Noooooo! We will miss you on blog time darling...return to us soon with more sticky stories!

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