Tuesday, November 16, 2010

We’re baaaaaaccckkkk!

Back in France. Back in blogging action.

Pardon my severe blog-lect (that’s neglect in blogging terms), but I did warn you.

I have a shiz load of photos that I want to share with you all, but the camera charger is buried somewhere beneath a mountain of unpacked clothes and miscellaneous travel items. Sheesh.

Out of all the photos we have taken recently, there was one shot that I kinda regret not having snapped....

It happened yesterday as I was speed-vacuuming the house. I was enthusiastically sucking up dust bunnies beneath the stairs with the nozzle-y end, vigorously rearranging the stuff that we have stored there. I left the power on the vacuum running, placing the nozzle-y end down while I moved some items around. As you do. The next minute I heard a whirring, whizzing sound. I turned around and Sticky Baby’s face was being sucked off by the vacuum. Dear God! Half his mouth and cheek were being violently suctioned and his eyes were bugging out of his head with shock. He must’ve grabbed it while I had my back turned. Shit. Shit. Shit!  I quickly jumped into mama-action, turned the vacuum off and grabbed him in my arms. Fortunately, the little guy didn’t really have time to cry. He was too busy touching his cheek, wondering who the hell had given him the biggest hickie of all time.

Seriously though, it could’ve been bad. Really bad. What if he’d popped that nozzle-y round end on his eye? I cringe to think....Papadada made me consider that possibility and now I want to hurl my ravioli dinner.

So here’s a heads up to all you mums out there. Don’t leave the vacuum on, nozzle-y end exposed, with your back turned. Shit happens.

And also, just ‘cause I have to say it... I don’t really mean that I wish I had captured that photo. But that look of sheer shock and ‘WHAT THE EFF’ on his face? I’ll never forget that! You’re one lucky little bugger, Sticky Baby....

Seriously, did this cartoon artist visit our house the other day? Spooky. 
Although Papadada looks all wrong and for the love of Kris Jenner, I hope my fashion sense
is better than a black pencil skirt, a purple sweater and black shoe-booties. 


Erin said...

Aaahhh so glad to have you back! Brooke and I were just saying yesterday how we were missing you! Can't wait to hear all about it and see pics. So sorry to hear about Sticky getting sucked into the vacuum. I hope you counted that as him getting clean/bath. :)

Natalie said...

Glad you are back!! You have been missed in the blogger world! and that is seriously the funniest shit I have heard, I am dying laughing picturing your sweet boys face sucked by the vacuum! Although I wouldn't be laughing if he was hurt!

Mama L said...

Thanks girls! I’ve been catching up on your news today too! Heaps of belly laughs and reality-tv nods of agreement. Oh and Natalie, your closets are ridiculously wonderful! Good to be back and thanks for checking in with me xoxo

Brooke Hall said...

Liseliseliselise!!! I have missed my bff!!!!!!! Spit my drink out laughing until you mentioned his eye, then got sick to my stomach! Can't wait to see pictures and loved texting today....many kisses!

Mrs G said...

WELCOME BACK MAMA L! missed reading your blogs .... must agree with the other girls, I did laugh at first at the thought of Remy, but then stopped! (I'm sure you will laugh in years to come...). Can't wait for the photos xx lots of love Mama G

Sister F said...

AAhhh finnnnaaallyy...u r back. I know you were blog-lecting partially due to time spent with us.I shouldn't complain but i was starting to feel like a lunatic every time I'd go to my favs and check your blog and..nada! Doing the same thing over and over with the same consequences IS the first sign of insanity u know!

Anyways, glad to hear Remy didn't get swallowed by the vacuum. It'll b a great tale to tell him in a few years.I think u should tell Yos over dinner next time hahahah

Miss u 3 loads. Come baaaaaaacccccck xx

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