Wednesday, November 17, 2010

So much to tell you

Hey Bubba,

It’s been too long since my last scribble to you. So here we go!

You are 14 months old now, and gee whiz have you been a busy little weasel!

In the past two months....

* You have boarded 6 different planes, wooing the flight attendants from Singapore Airlines and Air France each and every time. Mini Casanova, you are.

* You started walking! And haven’t stopped since! You have spectacular stacks several times a day, but none of them seem to bother you. You are slowly breaking into a bubba-run and you climb stairs terrifyingly remarkably well.

* You are becoming quite the ‘mellow fellow’, as I like to call you. Those magnesium tablets are working their magic and we find you several times a day, laying down on the tiles, peacefully resting your blonde head and happily watching the world go by. Last night you even ‘vegged’ out on the couch with us, giving us big, contented smiles with your belly full of milk. You are divine. Just divine.

* You are saying "bye bye", blowing kisses, and waving all at once. You totally get it. Puzzle pieces are coming together like nobody’s business. Smart, smart little boy.

* You are ‘talking’ like never before. With perfect, melodic intonations and hand gestures to compliment what you are ‘saying’. Although a lot of it is sounding strangely Indian. You say stuff like ‘Batik batik’, ‘Bouti’ and ‘Patak’ A LOT. We have no idea where it’s coming from. But gosh, it makes us laugh! Your Mamie Nic especially loves your crazy little language and imitates your Bollywood-inspired accent to perfection.

* You are turning into quite the little swimmer thanks to Pop’s patience and guidance in the pool. You come home from those swimming lessons completely tuckered out, bleary eyed, but oh so happy!

* You are rocking mad new threads and looking like a real little toddler now! Denim long sleeve shirts, plaid sneakers, woollen vests, cargo pants. Tres tres cute!

* Papy Jacques has nick-named you ‘Babo’, after the way you first starting pronouncing ‘Bye bye’. I think it’s going to stick.

* You have Granski wrapped around your little finger. Completely. You are a tough little nut with her, relishing in your games of ‘catch me if you can’ and making her work so hard for every kiss and cuddle. But the way your face lights up when you see her in the morning says it all, really.

* You have gotten SO MUCH BETTER with being in the car. I think you’ve finally understood that being in a car generally means that we’re going somewhere new and fun. ‘Bout time, kiddo.

* We think you are due for your first hair cut very, very soon. We are hoping that auntie Belinda will do the honours, seeing as she is the best hairdresser in the world. And your God-mother. It’s her duty, isn’t it?

* You are loving cherry tomatoes, blueberries, cheerio cereal, cheese sticks and raisin toast. You also have a serious love affair going on with mashed potato. Carb-loading all the way.

You are changing day by day, surprising us at every turn and making our world such a very bright and happy place.

Love you like fireworks,

x Mama


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