Thursday, November 18, 2010

The new ad campaign for baby bottles.....?

Papadada back from a run, desperately thirsty, grabbing the first drinking receptacle available...Sticky Baby’s bottle. Weirdo. Gorgeous weirdo.


Natalie said...

haha! What a hottie, you lucky girl! Sounds exactly like something my hubby would do:) btw the rachel zoe bikini picture is online- just go to google images and type rachel zoe bikini and it will come up. I felt too bad posting it, why I'm not sure since I don't even know her and I too think shes too skinnny. I guess I'm in a nice mood today.

Sister F said...

He is a spunk indeed! I think "Oz Rods" owe him some BIG advertising dollars after your post hahaha. Love ya dano!

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