Friday, October 8, 2010

Holy cats! It's been an OBSCENE amount of time since my last post. I've lost all my readership, haven't I? Crap.

This holiday stuff spells bad news for my blog. It's so hard to find the time, between visiting friends and family, to actually sit down and type. Needless to say, I've got loads of stories up my apple-sauce stained sleeves for you all. And I will find a moment, pronto, I promise.

In the meantime, don't give up on us, I beg you!

Sticky Baby is doing brilliantly. He is walking a little more each day. 20 steps is his personal best thus far. He is saying 'Bye Bye', kissing and cuddling more than ever and generally lapping up the attention from his grandparents.

His christening is next Sunday. Outift? GORGEOUS! Photos to come.

Papadada and I are yet to have a romantic getaway, just the two of us. We were meant to have a night away tonight, but Sticky Baby has decided to push a molar through his gums and produce a high temp. Great timing kiddo. Thanks for that....

Magnesium update? MAGIC! Different child. Still crazy and hilarious and go go go but now he actually takes the time to just sit on our laps and snuggle. So beautiful. We are loving it. He is much calmer and more even tempered. His hatred for car trips is dissipating. He will now happily sit in his car seat for a whole hour. Like I said, different child. We are simply amazed at the transformation and quietly heralding our natural therapist. GO TEAM MAGNESIUM!!!

Lots more to come, I promise!


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