Monday, October 18, 2010

On your Christening day....

Yesterday, on the 17th October, 2010, we celebrated your baptism. Your Godparents, Belinda and Chris, stood proudly by our sides. Surrounded by family and friends, dressed in a smart white shirt and beige bermuda shorts, we poured water over your small head and lit candles in your honour. You were a star. You laughed and tottered around, gave yourself a round of applause and even threw your best pal, Blue Rabbit, into the baptismal waters. He goes everywhere you go. And if you were getting baptised, so was he!

In true aussie style, we indulged in a sausage sizzle afterwards, cracked open some beers and soaked in the warm midday sun. What a day. You were the consummate host, mingling like a pro, and sharing smiles with each of your guests. We are so proud of you.

Mum and Dad


saks_perry said...

Beautiful photos Lise. Remy is really like you. Hope you had an awesome day.

Mrs G said...

Absolutely gorgeous family!

Brooke Hall said...

you look so beautiful! God Bless Remy! How special is it that across the world, Lawton was baptised the same day? True love :)

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