Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Absurd things I catch myself saying to my baby...

You know your life has done a complete 360 when you start saying these daffy things..

"You've got porridge up your shnoz"

"Congratulations on a beautifully formed poo-poo"

"A vom-patch is exactly what this outfit needed. Thanks!"

"Must you destroy everything I own?"

"Hold mummy's hands and puuuuuusssshhhhh" (to encourage him in the midst of a bowel movement)

"I want to pour chocolate sauce all over you, roll you up like a crepe and eat you! Num num num num" (those are my sound effects for kissing bubbies)

"You look like a human weetbix"

"Can you please not touch your ears with your avocado-hands"


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