Thursday, May 20, 2010

Breakfast adventures

Papadada has the day off from work today. Love that. Feels like a Saturday but really it's only Thursday. He even let me sleep in which was heaven.

The sun is shining, the infamous gazillion-mile-an-hour wind that tears through our town isn't too bad today. Might even attempt a family bike ride. Note to self: Be sure to strap Sticky Baby down to his bike seat in a big way. Harness may not suffice.

Breakfast this morning was kinda exciting. We are getting more and more adventurous with Sticky Baby's diet now that the months are ticking by and his intestinal resistance is getting up there. Mind you, the child eats just about anything we put before him. We are blessed to have created a mini-human insinkerator. Last week he ate curry for dinner. Yes, curry. Smacked his lips and said, "Pass the Naan bread please".

So, back to the point. Breakfast this morning. I've done a lot of research on the topic, given the chances of allergic reactions and the like, but we finally decided that scrambled eggs were going to be on the menu for Sticky Baby. Scrambled googlies and toast. Sure beats rice cereal and the age old apple puree. Sticky Baby was stoked. His little platter looked so cute and inviting that we had to take a photo of it. Someone was not impressed with our priorities..
Ok, so despite his look of sheer frustration and agony, Sticky Baby gobbled up brekky with gusto. Loved it. He followed it up with a beautiful rosy peach and then this....
A big chunk of banana bread. I've never seen such a small human shovel so much food into his mouth at once. We ended up having to shake him outside, like a rug, to get all the crumbs off him.

Full belly later, our lovely, super Sticky Baby is upstairs napping it up like a champ.


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