Thursday, May 27, 2010


There is a serious ‘bromance’ growing between Sticky Baby and his ‘frenemy’, Big Bubba J. It’s a love- hate relationship like no other.

As his name suggests, Big Bubba J is a large, boisterous, super-affectionate 15-month old. This kid can hug like the best of them. Rarely have I come across such an openly loving and demonstrative child.

Since their initial encounter about 6 months ago, Big Bubba J took an instant liking to Sticky Baby. Each and every time they are together he endlessly showers Sticky Baby in sloppy kisses (there was even tongue once) and mammoth bear hugs. It’s adorable. Sticky Baby thinks otherwise. It’s a bit of a Pepe-le-pew and the cat scenario...

Big Bubba J being Pepe-le-pew and Sticky Baby the cat who desperately tries to get away. It’s effing hilarious to watch those two. Just gorgeous.

There was a phase not long ago where Sticky Baby would scream the house down every time Big Bubba J would round the corner. Absolute hysterics. Sticky Baby would be howling which would then set Big Bubba J off. Sore eardrums anyone? But I think there’s been progress of late. A little more playing and a little less groping. They are sizing each other up and learning to enjoy each other’s company. A mutual respect of sorts. As Sticky Baby gets a little bigger and a little more mobile, he is gaining confidence around his big pal.

There are still a few ‘over-hugging’ incidents that we are work-shopping, but our boys are getting there. Both myself and BBJ’s mum, Tan Artiste (she sprays a mean fake tan) are looking forward to plenty of action-packed play dates in the future.


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