Friday, May 14, 2010

Date Night!

Can anyone say D-to-the-night?

Date Night with Papadada - last night - so exciting - got a baby sitter for Sticky Baby - wore heels - did my hairs - slapped on some facial paint - looked rather nice - Papadada was smoking hot - Why am I writing in point form? CEASE AND DESIST!

We went to a chic restau we've been dying to try for over a year, La Galinette.  The food was heavenly. The wine, devilishly good. I even indulged in a Kir Royale as an apperitif - It's my new favo drink. French champagne with a dash of blackcurrant liqueur. Booya!

We had a whale of a time together, Papadada and I. We even limited our convos to only 12 Sticky Baby topics. Rather impressive if you ask me.

Papadada made me laugh too hard, as per usual. Here is a photo I took of him as he attacked his Foie Gras entree.
Now I know the french delicacy, Foie Gras, is very controversial for some. I can see why it is so taboo. I get it. But it's so damn good. Please don't hate us for enjoying stuffed geese liver. It doesn't define who we are. But Papadada cannot go to a french food establishment without ordering this dish. It's hilarious when he eats it. He uses words like 'heroine hit' and 'I think I'm going to pass out'...and he's deadly serious. This photo was taken in the midst of what I like to call his 'Foie Gr-asm'.

Unfortunately, our evening took a turn for the worse when we realised that the hooligan teenagers in the holiday house next door weren't going to shut their cake holes until 3am. That about sums it up really. The insulation in this house is non-existent and we heard every last noise they were making, from high heels clomping, to beer mugs being rinsed out at the sink, to pubescent boys singing 'Hey there Delilah'. SHUT UP! Papadada and I ended up knocking on their door at 3am in our pjs. So uncool. I tried to come off as the understanding, hip, trendy 30 year olds next door. But my pink and grey slippers betrayed me. I think they quietly shat themselves when they saw Papadada shirtless. All noise ended abruptly after that. Go muscles!!!!

So I'm a bit worse for wear this morning, I must admit. IV of coffee straight into my blood stream would be grand. We let Sticky Baby yodel in his crib for a good 30 minutes this morning. Just enough for the sound to pierce their soggy, alcohol-drenched brains. And we also let him play in the pots and pans cupboard after breakfast. Oh, sweet revenge!

Looking forward to our next date night minus the noisy tweens.

PS: Those bread sticks you see in that picture were da bomb. Still dreaming of their sunflower seed-coated crispness...


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