Sunday, May 16, 2010

Diaper Dilemma

We had a nappy emergency tonight.

Sticky Baby is pooping like it's going out of fashion at the moment. Every nappy is soiled with an almighty bog. He's not sick. He's just into pooping a lot.

Consequently, I completely overlooked how many nappies we had left, seeing as we don't usually go through 9 per day. I am usually very organised when it comes to bubbalino supplies. I'm close to having acquired a lifetime supply of baby wipes and Sudocreme.

But this evening, when it came time to gather his bath time accoutrement, EEGAD! GASP! Only 1 precious nappy left! What about tomorrow morning when his nappy is so loaded with wee that he has a Beyonce-esque badonka-donk? I needed back-up, now. Actually, yesterday, but now will do.

Papadada took care of bath, bottle and bed as I sped off like a bat out of hell through our neighbourhood, in desperate search of some store, any store kind enough to be open on a Sunday. Yahood to myself in the car when I found a convenience store that was conveniently shining it's OPEN light unto the world. You beauty. Damn it, spoke too soon. They only stocked newborn 3-6kgs nappies. Sticky Baby grew out of those when he was 3 hours old. Maybe convenient stores assume that by the time your baby reaches 12 kilos, you have your shit together enough to have lots of nappies in store. Grrrrrr. Don't assume people. Assuming is rude. I misjudged nappy quantities. I DO have my shit together, I really, really DO!

So no purchase made at the judgemental corner store. Instead, SOS phone call to my girlfriend a few streets down. Gotta love the gals.

4 nappies in hand, I am saved. We are saved. Sticky Baby won't have to suffer through a MacGyver nappy creation - I was already planning lots of paper towel, a few head bands, maybe a sponge or two. Phew!


michaela said...

I think this is some kind of right of passage. I use cloth diapers, I once let the laundry run so dangerously close to no diapers left that I let my daughter crawl around naked in the yard while I washed and dried them all ready for her butt.

Mama L said...

hahah! Ok, I feel WAY better now!

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