Sunday, May 23, 2010

Finally it's french mothers day..I promise!

So I know I've gotten the dates wrong several times, milking Papadada for all it's worth for 3 weekends running. They were honest mistakes, I swear. But today really is french mothers day. There are even billboards saying so. Lots of chocolate and flower ads going around. Today is deffo the day. So, in honour of this very special event, I thought I'd post yet another video of Sticky Baby. This one smells like summer..

We blew up the inflatable baby pool yesterday and Sticky Baby has taken to it like Ian Thorpe, minus the full-body seal suit. Sticky Baby prefers going 'free willy' + sun shirt + sun hat. No swimmer nappy, no baby budgie smugglers. He likes to let it all hang out. And with a bum like that, can you blame him?
 I could eat him alive. No really, I could.


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