Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It's going to be a gold mine!

You know how baby girls always have the most scrumptious head-gear for their bald heads? Gorgeous, vintage-y flower head bands and the like? Well, I thought I might be able to launch Boy-Bands....And please stop thinking about Backstreet Boys and N'sync....

How ki-yute is that?? Granted, I haven't put much thought into them....yet. This black head band of mine was laying abandoned under our kitchen table and I decided to put it on Sticky Baby's noggin, just to play dress-ups. Yes, he's my very own living doll. And No, I'm not about to go entering him in some freaky mid-western pageant.

But seriously, I think I'm on to something here. It's totally chic! It speaks to me! It says, 'I'm a baby but I've got the it factor, all thanks to my Mama L Boy-Band'. I smell millions...

Papadada came home and ripped it off him. Boo hoo. Oh well, who's the stay at home mum here?!?! I AM! Hahahahha (evil laugh) - When you're at work I'll be Boy-Banding him up to the shiz! Hahahahha (more evil laughing).

I need feedback people. I'll give you a cut.


Adriana said...

Lise he is adorable! might as well take advantage of the dress ups now coz in a few years that boy ain't gonna wanna have a bar of it! haha

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