Monday, May 3, 2010

Mothers' Day

French and Australian Mother's Day dates are different. I think we celebrate mum's day in oz on the 2nd Sunday of May and in France it's the 3rd Sunday. Why? No clue. The french and english have a lo-hong history of not liking one another, so they do a lot of things differently, just to prove a point.

So I have a dilemma. Thanks to another blog I stalk, georgiegirlnyc, I found these weelicious little charm necklaces that would be perfect to hang around me neck. Me likey beaucoup.

I need your opinions PRONTO as to which one I should get. SOS jewellery confusion!

Obviously, the idea is to get Sticky Baby's initial and also Papadada's. And mine in the one that requires 3 letters.

(First creation is from and the 4 other beauties are from www.threesistersjewelrydesign)

Oh, decisions decisions! Help!


Blondie said...

Loves, I'm getting one of the Maya Brenner Letter necklaces - though the 'L' doesn't quite do it justice...still...divine! Thanks! x

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