Saturday, May 8, 2010


Sticky Baby is sick. He contracted the cold I've been fighting off for the past 10 days. It's a battle field in here.

Papadada left at the crack of dawn this morning for another 3-day work trip. I felt like latching on to his ankle and screaming, "Don't leave me alone with snot-monster!" but I think that would alarm the neighbours.

Didn't catch any quality zzzzzs whatsoever last night. Was waiting for Sticky Baby to wake and need me, which he miraculously didn't.  Was also afraid that the vaporiser we set up in his room would blow up from a) too many globs of Vicks Vaporub in it or b) the water drying up and frying it. Peaceful thoughts.

Vaporiser and elevated mattress seemed to work their magic. Sticky Baby seemed better when he woke up, but the runny schnoz returns with a vengeance about half an hour in.

Out comes the artillery. The nose vacuum, the seawater nasal spray, the dozens of hot washers to clean his face with.

Can I just say that trying to suck your baby's snot out with a mini vacuum cleaner could very well be the hardest thing EVER! They work like a treat, but I just don't have the heart/strength to pin him down, shove the thing up his hooter and suck away through the tube. He thrashes around like the ending of Jaws 2. I'm terrified of hurting him. And the screaming doesn't help. I really could never have been a ER doctor.

There is nothing quite like the wrath of a sick baby. Irritability has sky rocketed. If he could fit himself into my bra and hang around in there for the day, he would. He wants to be close to me all the time, which makes perfect sense. But the practicality of that is well...impractical. I think I'll just tie the baby carrier on and do some serious weight training all day.

And I can kiss much-needed social visits goodbye. No one wants to hang around a sick baby. You suck SUCKERS!

I need a giant fairy with a wing span full of antibodies to land in my living room NOW!


Brooke Hall said...

you are a TRIP lise! i love how you write because i see you doing and thinking all these things...hanging out in your bra? hooter? i was tripping out! love you!! keep up with this because it is the only reason i get on the computer now a days!

Mama L said...

thanks peanut!!!! that made my day! i needed that lift:)

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