Saturday, June 19, 2010

An afternoon in Wonderland

Yesterday I co-hosted a fabuloso baby shower. And when I say co-hosted I mean I sat in on some planning meetings, picked up a few essentials, created a few posters, wrote up the invite, nothing major at all really. Lots of fun, got my creative juices flowing, loved it.

The real credit goes to the chickidee who BAKED like no woman has ever baked before! Seriously, the world needs to be introduced to Lovely Lelu, who someday will be as famous as The Naked Chef. But way better. And not so naked.

The theme we chose for the glowing mama-to-be (seriously, sex on legs with a basketball under her shirt, that one) was the Madhatter’s Tea Party from Alice in Wonderland. We asked the guests to don a hat of some description. I think this one took out the award for most creative:
Yes, that is indeed a mini-Eiffel tower stuck on a gal’s head. Priceless. That’s how us ladies roll over here. Booya.

Lovely Lelu’s apartment was decked out in all things Wonderland. The “Planning Committee” (we like to give ourselves a formal title, thank you very much) created all sorts of Alice-relevant signs, pictures, decals, decorations. Here are some highlights:
And the food! Sweet Jesus, THE FOOD! Enter Lovely Lelu and her enviable god-given gift. A sea of pastel-hued cupcakes, mini berry pavlovas, fig and goat cheese quiches (I would eat one of those off a leper’s head, for realz), brownies so dense and moist you could cry. Peeps, there were even teeny tiny sandwiches with pickles rolled up to look like snails. SNAILS! So cute. I took photographic evidence of these culinary delights to share with you all:

The table was littered with tea cups, saucers, jugs, vases of every shape, size and colour imaginable. From these, we classily chugged champers and punch. Glasses are so last season...

How much are you loving and vibing with the theme? Are you going to steal it use it for your next baby shower? I feel heads nodding in unison around the world.

And this little gem of an idea I actually plagiarised from another girlfriend’s baby shower. Tsk tsk. But it’s precious and it was a down-right hit yesterday:
Little baby onesies that everyone got to DIY decorate! Yipee! Paint fumes! This was my creation:
It says, ‘The most beautiful baby in the world’ in french. Difficult words to write, ‘cause Sticky Baby is the pinnacle of gorgeous-ness in my book, but this much-awaited bubba is for shizzle going to be a looker. Yes-sir-ree. 

Fabo afternoon had by all. Much fun to get out of the house, baby-free, sink a few tea cups of booze, chat with the lady pals, all whilst sporting my silly creation of a hat.
That’s me on the left with the giant flowers on my melon and Lovely Lelu on the right, Hostess with Mostest.

I’ll be dreaming of the Cheshire cat and the freaky bong-smoking caterpillar tonight. Sweet dreams!


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