Thursday, June 24, 2010

Big changes in Oz

Yesterday, Kevin Rudd, Australia’s Prime Minister, stepped down from the top job.

Just finished watching his final press conference. Seriously, I’m missing my favourite show to catch up on breaking Aussie news. It was a big day down-under, people. And yes, I realise I’m a day late with my longer really breaking news now. shit. Oh God, My ZARA post took precedence...that is SO bad and shameful, I should bitch-slap myself with an Australian flag as punishment. Priorities, woman, Pri-o-ri-ties!

Now, despite this semi-heavy, academic-y post (if it were truly academic in nature would I have just used the term 'academic-y’?), it must be known to my readers that I most definitely have the political chip missing from my brain. Left, Right, Labor, Liberal, factions, cabinets, what-sits, thingamibobs? Huh? My brain hurts. You get my drift. But I did watch today’s press conference with total and utter focus and interest and I will say this about Mr Rudd’s speech...

He made me cry! Am I the only one who found his parting words and raw emotion very touching? Dudes, his bottom lip stuck out, his chin quivered and his voice broke. I can’t hold back tears when a grown man does that! Damn it!

I’ve been away from Australia throughout his entire stint as our nation’s leader, so truth be told, I can’t make any worthy comments about his leadership and reforms....

But he made me cry and I liked his speech! So there.

And I’m TOTALLY jealous that he gets to move back to my home town (and his home town) of Brisbane. Seriously, he lives in the same ‘burb as we did! Neighbours, us and the PM...ex-PM.

So, Ms Julia Gillard, I’m just about to watch your first address as Prime Minister of Australia. It better be good, girlfriend. I know you’ve got red hair and stuff, but I’m hoping you’ll either make me tear up like old K Rudd did or make me laugh out loud. Something extreme for my Thursday night, please! Expectations.....

First female Prime Minister though. It’s a HUGE deal. Germaine Greer (Australia’s most significant feminist voice) is probably still hammered right now...and rightly so.


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