Thursday, June 10, 2010


Sipping a cup of tea trying to come to terms with a bout of home-sickness. *cry*. Totally blaming the weather. Rainy, windy and grey. What happened to summer, you sneaky weather system? I’m back in jeans  - so much for my leg wax last week. Pain for no gain. Me no likey.

So yes, I’m missing the homeland, the fam, the friends. Here are some other things that I am desperately missing right now:
  • Gyms with baby creches. They don’t exist here. So I don’t go. And it kills me not to have that outlet and something to do for 1hr a day.
  • Big shopping centres. Not to shop but to window shop, browse, push the pram, look around, see other humans. The best I have is a biggish grocery store. Capsicum and cookies are only entertaining for so long. Give me a buzzing food court and creative window displays any day. Westfield, oh where for art thou Westfield?
  • Change tables in toilets. Appalling, but yes, I have had to change my baby on the floor of a dirty, filthy bathroom. The french are so kid-friendly, aren’t they? I am in the throws of writing a letter to centre management. It’s disgusting and it nearly makes me cry from rage every time.
  • Soy lattes. They don’t do them here. You’re hard pressed to get a decent cappuccino. Instead of the frothy, milky deliciousness that I live for, they squirt on mountains of whipped cream. Gross. It curdles in the coffee. The coffee shop around the corner has offered to make me soy lattes, but only if I bring my own soy milk from home. Um...I have no words. Like I don’t have enough to carry as it is - giant nappy bag, giant baby and now 1L of soy. Beat it frenchies.
  • Movies. I refuse to hear Carrie Bradshaw’s french voice over. It’s not going to happen. Ever.
  • Family. Friends. Family. Friends. Family. Friends.

Ok, I’m done sooking. Thanks for letting me unload a bit.


Brooke Hall said...

i had to change L on the floor at the vet the other day and was grossed out! i can't believe they don't have changing tables there in restrooms?! you are super mom!!

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