Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dead-giveaway that I watch too much MTV channel. I know, I know....I’m 30. Grow up, it’s time to move on. The Discovery Channel and The Food Channel are calling my grown-up ass their way. Ain’t gonna happen though! I love me some trashy tv and MTV is the home of it all! Hell Yeah!


Marsha_Fox said...

Lise i must say that i really enjoy your blogging and think that your are extremely talented and funny! Your writing has me in stitches and is thought provoking! Keep it up!


Mrs G said...

don't worry Lise...MTV all the way for me too...although I don't go as far as MTV cribs..I am more on the Hills, The city and of course I LOVE the E channel...Keeping up with the Kardashians...! lol
ps: new season of the city is on here...Olivia..B-I-A-T-C-H!

Mama L said...

Thanks girlies!! Marsha_fox, is that the marsha I think it is??? Hope so!! So pleased you like the bloggie. Mrs G, I am sending serious hate vibes to Olivia Palermo...u know it.

Brooke Hall said...

how did you do that on the picture??

Mama L said... Lovin’ it! It’s an addiction, you wait!

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