Sunday, June 13, 2010

Genius idea

Sticky Baby has a ‘Mamie’ a ‘Papy’ a ‘Granski’ and a ‘Pop’. Awesome grandparent names, if you ask me.

Our parents came up with these by themselves (clever things) but I’m sure they would’ve had a laugh and a good ‘ol flip through this little book, had I known of its existence.

A book full of ideas for new grandparent names! Genius! There are some hilarious ones like ‘Maxi-ma’ for a generous sized granny and ‘Beerma’ for a  beverage-inclined one. ‘Grambo’ for a grandfather could really catch on, dont’cha think?

Thought I would pass on this gem for those of you out there looking for a cute gift idea for impending g-parents. I love.


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