Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A mid-weekend in Barcelona

We're back! Sticky Baby is now fluent in Spanish and is insisting on tapas for all his meals. Fat chance kiddo.

We had a lovely little family holiday. Papadada got his new Aussie passport (main reason for the trip), I got to take a ride in my very first red double-decker tourist bus, and Sticky Baby trialed his new big-boy umbrella stroller with much success. So much more manoeuvrable and light-weight. Cha-ching!

Our accommodation was brilliant. Recommended by friends, we stayed in a gorgeous serviced apartment, right opposite the very famous Sagrada Familia monument. 2 big bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, balcony. A little home away from home. Mi casa, su casa. I think that's Italian. Shite. Anyway, you get my point. Brilliant with a bub in tow. He was in bed by 7, door closed, see ya later, bottle of red was opened and Papadada and I were on the Balcony in a jiffy. That's how we roll. On a not-so-cool note, we ended up watching the Disney Channel 'cause it was the only English speaking program out of 800 available channels. And then we were in bed by 8:30pm. Disney does that to us. (It was 'new' Disney, as in tweens and lots of canned laughter. Not 'old' Disney with Pluto and Cinderella. They rock.)

We did quite well for our short time in the big city. We do know Barcelona rather well at this stage, seeing as though it’s only a 2hr trip from our house. Sticky Baby was a trooper, though the child aint' so good at sleeping in his pram, clocking a measly 30mins instead of his usual 90. But who can blame him when there's the beautiful La Ramblas to discover, fountains to see, street performers to ogle at. They sure are weird those street performers.

Much to my disgrace and shock, I didn't even set foot in a ZARA store. I know, I know, please pick your jaws up off the floor. It's my mecca, my motherland. I failed you, ZARA, and for that I'm sorry. But it was in the 'too hard basket' for this trip. Money saved, holiday momentum uninterrupted, husband and offspring happy.

So we're back home and glad to be. Sticky Baby was more than ready to bid us adios by 6:45pm. So tired, the little Spanish spud. Oh, and his crawling skills went up a serious notch in Barcelona. Put your hand up if you’re going to be baby-proofing next week? (My hand just shot up)

A few photographic gems from our short trip..

PapaD and Sticky Baby on the big red tourist bus

 In front of the fountains at Placa Catalunya

The boy and I on the balcony this morning

 After seeing the last picture, I promptly reached for my coffee....

 My boys at Barcelona Port


LJ said...

HUGE fun! So glad you're back online - two whole days is a long bloody time!! :)

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